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  1. %100 Australia is. Scary how many camera have been put up in the last year.

    I heard they are doing the human tracking systems in north aus the same system used in deep surveillance states China

  2. awesome vid
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  3. Pomp says BTC not controled etc then why does BTC and many other coins now mimic the S&P etc and XRP with Gold? If I want to trade BTC I now need to predict S&P direction.

  4. i'd just like to say
    "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups"
    Its also very possible that people never realise the difference of a decentralized from a centralized digital currency and its importance
    and even if some do they might just not be able to switch to btc or any other decentralized crypto for a few reasons.
    People are just greedy and stupid and think short term in general until they find themselves in a really bad situation.

  5. BTC governance by a central group of dev with no clue in finance & economics are not 'decentralized' and flawless enough for global adoption.

  6. How about govts do this:
    1) realease fedcoin or w/e coin depending on the country
    2)ban the use of any other cryptocurrencies by calling them illegal tenders

  7. Bitcoin price will go down and altcoindaily is pushing the price for the people who wanna sell high – just my view if your video

  8. When you go for the right source, you recover your lost which I did. I know of a good website where you will invest and make your maximum profit. If you are interested let me know.

  9. as the global elite systematically trash and bankrupt economies, of course they will become paranoid and fearful of the common people revolting and dragging them to the gallows, thats why they are desperately building the open air digital prison around all of us, they wont have to send us to jail for speaking out against them because we will all already be living in an open air cage, constantly under survielance..but dont forget, us common folk have the numerical superiority, we far out number the traitors they will use to herd us around the system of cages they have made for us, we just have to wake up to that fact on mass

  10. Its not going to be as easy as you think it is. The whales control the price of BTC. These whales also own equities. And thanks to this pandemic, the more equities continue to dump, so does the price of BTC. The whales are dumping the BTC they brought back in 2013 for dollars to make up for lost profits. They have tons of options to profit from this and that reflects in keeping the prices down. They can make a sh*t ton of money by creating a big ass sell wall — lowering the price and profit from liquidating longs and then buy it back cheaper while living off their profits. Also, consider that the government can literally print the money to build super mining BTC facilities and do a 51% attack. As long as BTC’s price is paired to the USD it is open for manipulation. In order to get to this dystopia you speak of there would need to be a massive supply shock. And if with 16 million newly unemployed Americans masses are struggling with keeping their heads above water. Short term is bleak, long term? Depends on how the fed decides to let it swing. They won’t allow for another currency to outdo theirs unless they control it.

  11. This is old news dude. Yes, there’ll be a reset and a switch to digital currencies but why you think it’s going to be BTC I don’t know. It’s because it is decentralized that many believe the US and other governments won’t allow it. Way off base dude.

  12. I’m glad to see your channel is still active. I went to check on another crypto channel I follow and see it was shut down for violating YouTube’s standards… which is typical for the crypto community. It’s George at “Cryptosrus”. Would you have any info on what happened there?

  13. this is more like it altcoin Daily. Good introduction. keep waking people up. we will need cash. we should have mass resistance against this movement. BTC all the way. We need more people mining to ensure network consensus doesnt get monopolised. Hopefully with smartphones becoming nodes mining isnt far away.

  14. BUt yes, I too was warning people of this years ago, and have been telling my family to be weary of terms like " cred" or " unit" proposed by world governments, especially here in the us of a. China , as one of the five permanent heads of the un aka the world ( USA, China, Russia, Britain, France), China has been doing ALL the things foretold by dystopian futurists since the early 20th century. China has a social credit and monitoring system, they track everyone on the internet, restrict information of all kinds, they still have a large million mand standing army and growing, since they obviously have women in the military too, as well as needing to create something beyond the chinese yuan because they dont want to be in debt to other countries like the USa. Already barrels of oil are being bought by and at the price attributed to the chinese currency, hence the term " petro yuan", where before since the end of WW2 America was the big kid/bully on the playground with the governments " petro dollar" being the standard all countries had to use to purchase oil until 3 years ago. Everythig comes home to roost, and our debt will bite us in the ass so hard, that one day we shall have a crisis worse than anything, and those that survive will be little more than slaves or forced to criminal acts to survive if they dont try to find somewhere else to go…

  15. I think the idea that "people will be used to having a wallet on their phone" is where you go wrong. In a CBDC the app on your phone isn't a wallet, the money stays in your bank. People won't automatically be comfortable holding their own private keys in a way where they could be lost or stolen.

  16. Eventually it will happen. Just one of the many things foretold by sci fi, including pandemics ( which were vailed with the zombie genre too), social upheaval, all the tech we have and more yet to come, and , of course, digital currency and the slow march towards governments ridding the world of physical currency. ONce that happens…pfft we are all ultra fucked.

  17. Good content but you have missed a major reason: the interest rate around the world is around 0. Once there is only digital $, fed can take us to negative rate to solve financial bubble . Check this guy: George Gammon on youtube

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