Altcoins on FIRE!!! North Korea stockpiles $650 million in #bitcoin and crypto?! Volume explodes, Brave Browser initiates phase two, Colorado crypto victory, eToro xRapid speculation, Dow bloodbath, $UPUSD, crypto news, and more!

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0:13 Markets ?
0:30 Dow bloodbath:
2:05 Kyber Network (KNC):
4:11 61.8% Fibonacci:
8:02 Bitcoin is DEAD?!?
9:12 Venezuela volume second to USA:
10:46 Lightning Network and BTC adoption:
12:38 ? Crypto Oracle:
13:47 North Korea stockpiles $650 million in crypto?!?
15:15 North Korean hackers:
16:30 eToro x Ripple (XRP) xRapid?
16:50 Assia talks to Garlinghouse:
17:16 Brave Browser (BAT) phase two:
18:20 Universal Dollar (UPUSD):
20:24 Ethereum whale wallets:
21:12 Gas for wallet transfers?
22:26 Quantstamp (QSP):
23:39 Ethereum vs Bitcoin devs:
24:37 OneCoin scam:
24:58 Colorado victory:
25:33 Stripclub Bitcoin:
26:14 ? Giveaway Winner ?
27:13 When you buy $BTC at 20k:

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Altcoins Explode! Will It Last? Bitcoin on Track for $150k by 2023?! Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, eToro

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