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The beauty of studying a brand new technology like cryptocurrencies and blockchains is that we get to watch it transform from a basic application and morph into something that can connect and improve everything from making smart trades to making smart contracts.
So this is the first of a series of videos that will feature projects that are expanding on the idea of a peer to peer decentralized exchange.
Today let’s discuss 0x.

0x is an open protocol that is a base onto which developers can create exchange-based decentralized applications by using the 0x javascript library. 0x is based on the Ethereum blockchain so it is specifically designed to provide better organization and collaboration for the numerous dApps on Ethereum that deal with Ethereum based tokens.
The protocol itself does not require fees, instead 0x is funded by a distributed group of stakeholders.
It is also designed with off-chain order books with only the final trade settlement being recorded onto the Ethereum blockchain. This allows for reduced friction costs for market makers. Because 0x utilizes off-chain transactions, it requires what are called “Relayers” to host and maintain these off-chain order books. Right now they are working with Ethfinex, Radar Relay and The Ocean as their first developers to fill this role. This is where transaction fees will come into play. Transaction fees are needed to incentivize these relayers who will be able to set their own fees. These fees will need to be competitive and will lead to a more stable price across the board.

So just to summarize, 0x is a free protocol built to bring organization and efficiency to the growing market of exchange dApps on Ethereum’s blockchain.