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1 Break away from SEO
If you’re sick of playing the SEO game in the hopes of ranking well in google searches, a game that seems to be never ending, consider posting your writing/photography/videos on Steemit. With a couple appropriate tags for your post, your work can be seen and spread by the audience within the platform.

2 Concentrated Audience
The people who use steemit are there to participate in the community. It’s a one-stop shop to reach people who **want** to know what you’re posting on a particular topic. You don’t have to venture into random chatrooms and start fake conversations just to plug a link to your blog post. Steemit makes exchanging ideas and information much more real and genuine.

3 Enthusiastic Community
You can quickly gain a decent and loyal following if you are consistent and actively engage in the community. You don’t need millions of views to make money from advertisers or sponsors, the organic support from your audience will provide your payouts. The platform is still growing and is eager to discover new sources of entertainment and information. You can be that new source.

4 Already established Bloggers/Social Media Personalities Get Instant Support
If you’ve already done the work to establish yourself as a successful blogger or social media personality, your presence will be warmly welcomed on Steemit. The Steemit community is eager to welcome and support reputable individuals who can supply the website with their material and introduce their fans to Steemit in exchange for another wave of supporters from Steemit and of course, healthy payouts.

5 Get Paid After 7 Days
This payout time encourages the constant production of new material. Who doesn’t like the idea of knowing for certain that if your post gets upvotes, you will be paid only 7 days later?

6 Connect Better with Your Audience
What’s really special about Steemit specifically for bloggers, is the fact that you can develop a much more in-depth relationship with your audience by checking out their own Steemit profile and offering your support right back to them either through follows, upvotes, commenting or re-steeming their posts so you can help them achieve greater exposure by utilizing your reach on the platform.

7 Steemians Unite During Steemfest
Once a year Steemit holds an official Steemfest bonanza where all of those people you’ve met online have the chance to meet in person, face to face and become **real** friends. The first ever Steemfest was held last year in November in Amsterdam and speaking from experience, it was amazing. Superbly organized, the people were eager to meet and interact, all who attended were sure to take every advantage of this meet up. Steemfest strengthens the community in ways that connecting remotely just can’t achieve.

8 Great for Networking
Much like I highlighted talking about Steemfest, Steemit is a great way to network with people who are just as ambitious as you to seek out new and innovative ways to get things done.

9 Blockchain Permanence
Because Steemit is a blockchain based social network, your work will never be deleted. You will always be able to reference a blog post, or re-read an old travel experience, view your photos with the effortlessness of posting your material on Steemit, and without the cost and effort of hosting your own website.

10 Get Paid in Steem
Steemit pays you in it’s digital currency called Steem. Although there has been some controversy for this coin and many people thought Steem and Steemit would wither away never to be heard of again, both the user base and the coin are making a comeback. With new users flooding into Steemit and the price of Steem gaining a healthy rise despite the now turbulent volatility in all of crypto right now, the long term assessment for Steem looks good. The reason I think will be thanks to the Network Effect. Steem is attached to Steemit, a social networking website that is continuing to grow, thus the longevity that the Network Effect will have on this platform is very promising.