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For this example I’ll be using my wallet on Metamask to connect with Etherdelta, but please know that you can also import a wallet that you’ve generated via, the only difference is that you won’t get the secondary notifications to submit the transaction that metamask provides.

So to begin I will log into my metamask wallet and select the account that I want to use to purchase some tokens on ether delta.
From here I will copy the PUBLIC address and then go on Etherdelta and select Import Account.
Here I will paste my public address to connect the wallet to Etherdelta.
You can always double check that the account you connected is the account you wanted to use to purchase the tokens. Once it’s connected, take a look at the options you have for trading different tokens, today I want to purchase some EOS using my Ether. So I’ll select this combination.

Next, take a look at the Balance section here, notice you have options like deposit, withdraw and transfer.
I want to deposit Ether from my metamask wallet onto Etherdelta so that I can then trade it for some EOS.
To do this I will select deposit and in the “ETH” row I will fill out how much I’d like to take out of my metamask wallet and put onto Etherdelta, then hit deposit. Metamask will then give you a form basically giving you the chance to look over what you’re sending and how much the fee will be, once you select submit the transaction will begin.
You’ll see a pop up box that gives you the chance to view the transaction on etherscan, so you’ll know right away when it gets confirmations or if there was a problem.
It’ll take a few moments, when it goes through you’ll see your balance move from the wallet column into the Etherdelta column.
Now we can get to trading. So I’ve selected the pair of coins/tokens that I want to trade and I go check out the orders book.
Here there are red orders and green orders, since I am purchasing EOS I’ll be using the red section.
You can also check out the Trades section to see the prices of recent trades so you can know what to expect to pay.
I like to check out a few orders before I select one so I know I’m getting a good price, this one looks pretty good to me, so I’ll select it, fill in how much ether I’d like to pay, click on the “Amount to Buy” box and it will automatically calculate how much EOS I’ll receive for that amount of ether.
I’ll select Buy and again I’ll be prompted by metamask to submit the transaction, and I’ll also be given a link to view the transaction on ether delta.

If you’ve been waiting for a long time for the trade to go through, check out the transaction on etherscan, if you see a sentence in red color right here, then you’ll know that there was a problem with the trade and it didn’t approve, so you’ll need to try again.

Now that the trade has gone through I want to get these tokens off of the ether delta exchange and onto my metamask wallet.
Much like how i had to deposit the ether at the beginning of this video, now I will withdraw EOS from ether delta.