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  1. One thing that I think is important to add is the "95% of traders fail" saying is for traders that are using brokers. The margin for error is extremely low when as a retail trader you're paying 7+ dollars a trade or sometimes even more if you're using more expensive brokers. With cryptocurrency, there really is no broker. The trading exchanges do charge for trading but the percentage is so low ( 0.1% in and out ) that it's effectively non existent. So for this reason, I think people would have MUCH more success trading crypto than they would in traditional brokerage markets simply because the broker isn't eating up all your capital in trading fees.

  2. Just sold all of my bitcoin. My fears…
    1. quantum computers able to break crypto security.
    2. Centralized control by China
    3. Possible outlawed by US government
    4. Every single transaction is a tax issue and it makes things very complex and open to an IRS screw job.
    5. Not private, every transaction is tracked.

    I could buy back in if some of these fears are addressed.

  3. Large volume day trader here: Nick is right. There’s three gauntlets new day traders face: 1) Learn to lose your money with grace or you will fail. 2) Learn to stop losing your money on garbage trades. 3) Learn when to take profit and roll it over or repeat step 1. Repeat this again and again and again. 9-15 hours a day is all it takes to nail 15X.

  4. Good advice. Better to hodl longterm with crypto (especially bitcoin).
    Only thing I ever made any real money in was trading Forex with CFD's before they shut it down (I once was able to trade $BTC directly for CFD Forex, but Dept of Justice shut the place down).
    I was doing really good with it, my strategy was correlating news cycles about various world economies/currencies then either shorting or doing 2 hour-8 hour type intervals (risky with CFD's, especially at 10x or 100x, but can be done).
    So the one thing I was really good at, it went away (never opened a 'traditional' Forex, too much kyc/aml required).
    Anyway, thanks as always for the good info/videos, you are one of the few I make sure and catch every episode of 🙂

  5. I have a friend who follows a trading signal group and does very well .Now he lends part of money made on those trades to have a different income stream .It keeps one mentally active and gives pride of achievement .I wonder if it is more realistic to trade and make money this way..

  6. Well, I'm defo passive I bought at the high end at about 12.4K BTC… lol have under 5 coins but a nice holding in it. I usually have just gave to JP Morgan and forget about. Feel I suffered from FOMO and some of the hype… Live and learn and hope it hits super high highs next 5 years. Anyways nice videos thanks..

  7. 95% losing traders is very similar stat to losing poker players. The majority just don't have the patience. They don't have the time to study what they are putting their money into. They treat trading and poker as just gambling.

    You need to find your edge and keep ahead of everyone else in all endeavors that have risk involved!

  8. Traders are traitors. If you are here to make cash (FIAT) then you have not understood anything about the revolution that is going on. Initiate rather initiatives to ship newcomers. Me here, I insite the waiters in the bars / restaurants / hotels to receive tips in ADA. Yoroi to Yoroi / peer2Peer transaction. This is concrete and feasible today. No need to wait for Plutus or Shelley to do that.

  9. My Strategy with FOREX or Crypto (Any Currency Market) is to Swing or Trend Trade. I use a combination of TA and Fundamental Analysis.
    Why combine Chaos, Blood and Insanity going with a day trade?
    Europe is going to Hell in a hand Basket. Germany has over 52 trillion loss in worthless Derivatives. Long term Short seems sane. UK will leave EU. The fools who think they won't will be long GBP thinking that they won't leave EU. They are going to blow their brains out all over their nice new suits. It is a timing thing in my mind. Once Boris pulls his trick and delivers the BREXIT per the desires of the British People, It will be time to look at going long GBP again. If he doesn't and UK goes with EU, they will share the EU's Destiny. AUD and NZD are banking on positive news out of Trade talks with China. Both U.S. and China holding Hard. U.S. is going to usher China into collapse. So it is all Long Term Short tendency selling. Not Trade Advice. Just what I am doing.

  10. The problem is, the ones that lose money arent active daytraders anymore because then they would be bankrupt. And the ones that are losing slightly over a period of time, are probably also quitting because why would they pay to work? So, the ones that daytrades I'd say are mostly winners. However, if we count in all that TRIED to daytrade, the statistics are probably more correct, that is like 5% are winners.


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