All The Bitcoin News is POSITIVE!… Trap?

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  1. This trap recovery is going to very interesting, no new investors in this market,,, this time around it is really over bought, the retail buyers are seasoned, and waiting for new opportunities, This market is OLD, with too many people and stories of major losses and thefts like Mt Gox , and no real market adaptation, this market is played out,,, early adopters go buy cases of Huggies, major whales may never have opportunity to unload their 90 billion dollar of holdings of the total market cap, many pumps and fakeouts to come.

  2. All the Bitcoin news says we’re going lower and not to expect the bull market until 2023. That tells me they want us to get left behind waiting for even lower prices, and they want us to procrastinate buying Bitcoin because we supposedly still have years. I mean, you are news and you’re telling me to be worried. I didn’t think the bull market would really start until the beginning of next year, but after seeing what I’m supposed to think it’s making me wonder if maybe the rocket is taking off much sooner than we suspect and financial institutions want you left behind.

  3. Litecoin mining reward halving Summer 2019! Then Bitcoin May 2020!

    Pomp ?
    "Paper money is going away and cryptocurrency is a far better way to transfer value than pieces of paper." – Elon Musk

  4. They already have their plan n target, its too soon, they'll be beyond prepared and watch this drop hard to 2k march after that the planners buy for real, they just do this for swing trade profits and shakeout

  5. Didn't get the joke but the cat was dam cute. I think i possible onboarded another cypto nut today. He thought Bitcoin was possibly a creation of the Rothschilds and also people into cypto were part of a cult like entity. I think i confinced him otherwise. I said that i believed bitcoin will hopefully make the world a better place and that i didn't think i would push the price of BTC higher by telling everyone i meet that its fantastic ?

  6. I think we aren’t out of the woods yet but things are looking more stable. I’m not sure if we’ll make it all the way down to $1500 anymore. I’m just saying that because it’s a number a lot of people have been throwing around. But yet, of course, who effing knows.

  7. I was looking forward to your collab video today. I think this recent rise was much different from the past 6 months because of the Fiat to crypto volume that came into the market. It wasn't one or two whales moving the market. Also YouTube Analytics are up for many people, as well as other social media metrics. I hope we can continue to build momentum, but in no way shape or form do I think we are in a trend reversal. That's one of the things I shake my head at about people in this space. They get one or two Green Day's and they're all excited peeing their pants talking about moons and Lambos. Until all of those people are gone, washed out I don't think this Market will go anywhere because it's not matured yet

  8. Blockstream = funded by BANKERS (its on their own website).
    BTC is not Bitcoin… read the Bitcoin white paper to see BTC no longer has much to do with Bitcoin, it is actually SegWit altcoin, and Lightning has NOTHING to do with Bitcoin.
    PS: Blockstream will lower the block size on BTC to 1/3 (300KB) which will lock the door for you to use it even more, you won't even be able to send it to exchange to sell it.

  9. Will governments allow us to use bitcoin if it becomes private ? In Venezuela they just got a 15% tax on crypto transactions, on top of other major restrictions. Here in canada, if I buy a coffee with crypto I must take note of the profits I have made from when I bought the crypto because I must pay tax on it. Adoption is difficult in these conditions.


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