BlockVera Deep Dive Episode 3: AlphaNu’s CEO Paul Hsu speaks with Blockchain Brad about Data as value & “the Amazon for professional-grade Wall-Street algorithms” – a thesis-driven automatic trading facility aimed at bridging the gap between the Western and Eastern markets .

Paul & I explore real-world applicability of the project, industry pain points, ensuring regulatory compliance across jurisdictions and the experience & connections of AlphaNu’s team. With strong partnerships in Wall Street (like LehmanBush), one question remains open: What are the chances for the Asian markets to embrace this idea?

Let’s Dive in!

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0:02 Intro
0:50 About AlphaNu
1:30 CEO Overview (Education + Work Experience)
3:06 About the Market Behind and how AlphaNu Improves it
10:20 Is it permissioned or permissionless?
12:34 Main Benefactors
16:22 – AlphaNu’s Friends & Partners
17:05 – About Tokenization
18:10 – About Compliance
23:35 – Why does it need a token?
29:10 – IEO
31:38 – Recap on the Pre-Sale
35:25 – The Developer’s Benefits
39:09 – The Team
41:09 – The Roadmap
45:00 – Final Statements


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