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No matter how paradigm shifting this idea of cryptocurrency is, we live in a warld were old systems take time to die out. Despite the number of individuals who are able to imagine and bring to fruition a system that enables peer to peer, decentralized transactions and paves the way for permission-less innovation, there are still generations of individuals who cling to the comfort of the old ways. Bitcoin and this new generation of cryptocurrencies are bigger than ETFs and index funds and one day we’ll all see why.
But in the meantime some are finding it easy to get swept up in hoping for the SEC to finally come to a decision on Bitcoin ETFs. Also, some companies are working hard to provide us with crypto index funds. It’s all a way I’m sure to make cryptocurrencies more palatable for the masses. All we need to do is assimilate this groundbreaking new technology to they way things have always run and that will surely get the general population to get on board, right?

Some might say this approach is eroding all that the cypherpunks have worked so hard towards, and they’re not wrong, but remember, Bitcoin is peer to peer, open source, and decentralized. You’re experience with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies does not have to be the same as the masses. It is what you make of it. You can learn about encryption and running a fully validating node, you can learn how to code and help contribute to other open source projects. Or you can hire a financial advisor to include this thing called Bitcoin into your portfolio and hey, maybe you’ll go crazy and get into a crypto index fund too.

I know these tools exist all in the effort of making money and more money, and that’s great I guess but wha’s better is that there’s a chance that these kinds of tools could make Bitcoin seem a bit more accessible for the masses and inspire them to take a better look at what it’s all about. Further more, if you’ve been curious which alt coins could be good to get into, or at the very least, which alt coins others believe to have a chance of outperforming BTC, you can always check out these different crypto indexes and see which coins they include in their baskets. Please keep in mind that these crypto index funds change quite often and most of the time will include the top 10-20 cryptocurrencies by market cap.