Bad news for #Bitcoin? Why this could actually be a golden opportunity! Altseason remains in full swing, $BTC ATM double spending, $ABBC vs Alibaba, Trezor wallet updates, Bittrex IEO, crypto movie conspiracy, news, and more!

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0:50 Ethereum (ETH) is NOT a security:
1:28 Markets 〽️
3:09 CBOE XBT Futures Expire:
3:27 Bad news for Bitcoin?
6:07 Why it’s Altseaon:
10:37 200 day AM vs altcoins:
12:37 Bitcoin carnage attracts investors:
13:45 What would you have made?
15:08 Crypto movie conspiracy:
16:05 BTC ATM double spenders:
17:44 ABBC vs Alibaba:
18:36 Bittrex IEO Raid (XRD):
20:38 Quant Network (QNT) x Sky TV:
20:57 LTO x CertiK (CTK):
22:10 Polispay (POLIS) x DASH:
22:26 Coinbase Wallet update:
23:02 Blockstream:
23:19 Abra adds Ethereum:
23:47 Trezor update:

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hese Bitcoin Indicators Could be the MOST Significant Yet!!! Trezor Wallet Vulnerabilities?!

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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  2. My thoughts BTC Store of Value easier to cash out and cheaper storage costs – Light Coin and XLM currencies and money transfers – and XRP to blow my nose on

  3. Sounds like my perfect storm. I have over 700k KALA coins I have mined and the P2P payouts are going to be in BTC. If it stays down I will sell off a huge chunk when I can, if the ship leaves without me my existing BTC will already be on it and “a rising tide raises all ships” so when KALA goes on the exchange later this year a BTC that has exploded will only make my coins even more valuable. Planning my retirement.:)

  4. So I seen no drop yesterday or today! So we're good with the futur… And you making a bearish video tell me we need to buy and HODL BTC now! 😉 And trade alt on the side! 🙂


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