Here’s a free update with Band Protocol’s CEO. BlockchainBrad talks crypto oracles, decentralised data governance and much more with CEO, Soravis Srinawakoon. Band Protocol connects smart contracts with trusted off-chain information, provided through community-curated data providers. BAND provides a standard framework for the decentralized management of data, serving as a fundamental query layer for applications that requires access to off-chain information. It’s a data governance framework for Web 3.0 applications.

Bring Blockchain Closer to Mass Adoption
Data availability and reliability in decentralized platforms has restricted adoption since the inception of smart contracts. Band Protocol provides a standard framework for the decentralized management of data, serving as a fundamental query layer for applications that requires access to off-chain information. This eliminates the critical centralizing trust and points of failure that the oracle problem typically introduces to decentralized applications with other designs.

Connect to Real-World Information
Without access to external data, the use cases for dApps are limited. Prediction markets are too illiquid to be practical. Band Protocol provides community-curated on-chain data feeds, backed by strong economic incentives which ensure the data stays accurate.

0:15 Intro
1:10 Utility of BAND
1:20 Why do we need BAND and decentralised Oracles
3:00 Industry Risk: discussion on Maker & Dai
3:34 Why do we need BAND today?
6:40 Application and Proof in Real Utility
7:06 Road Map & Plan
8:00 How BAND works.
9:20 Authentically decentralised oracles
10:11 wHAT sets band apart?
12:00 Fundraising: correlation between token and platform
13:16 Applications and products
14:10 Work token
14:30 The imperative of community support
17:00 The integrity of tech & team. Power of pumps (discussing chainlink)
17:55 Billion dollar industry: oracles
21:00 The power of media. organised Marketing plans, reference to Chainlink
21:50 Price does not reflect tech of today
22:17 Shift from real profit. investors are more sophisticated. price discussion
24:00 Sound Token Modelling
24:30 External support. Devs outside of BAND
26:00 The location of the team. Why Thailand? Asia focus
29:00 A lot is going on in ASIA with BAND
34:00 partnership and Real World planning of BAND
38:40 Expansion Growth of BAND- user- centred
39:30 Other infrastructural tech. BAND integration
41:30 TOKEN: Decline in value. Why? Why so much flux?
44:10 Binance discussion: tough questions. BAND is bullish on Binance.
45:40 Is Binance supporting BAND long term?
47:20 U.S. Plan. Expanding to other exchanges in the U.S.
48:30 Sequoia- VC- What’s the facts and nature of their support.
49:30 Sequoia is sequoia- globally.
50:58 MainNet, plan 2020. Big year for BAND. Cross-Chain compatibility.
52:00 Team- growing?
54:20 Partnerships with legit media outlets.
55:40 Utility. more discussion
56:20 Closing statements
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