The fight against climate change is now on the blockchain. Yes, some may think this is a political issue. Regardless, Toucan is rallying action for the environmentally conscious blockchain enthusiasts who want to make a difference. Base Carbon Tonne is a direct channel to achieve this noble initiative, and BC.GAME has listed the project’s native token, BCT.

Online gambling enthusiasts now have a stake in the earth’s future. This goal involves concerted action from many stakeholders. The Base Carbon token is a pioneer in this regard. This token came about as a Web3 building block empowering a wave of regenerative innovation on the open internet. 

Toucan protocol has taken an ambitious path toward becoming the leading blockchain protocol in this field. 

About Toucan Protocol

The climate crisis is an existential threat. Some may not share the same urgency, but the hope is that humanity shares the urgency of securing our future. Securing the collective future on a global scale calls for concerted action to ensure a transition to sustainable climate change action.

The Toucan community has taken the bold step of supporting a planet-positive economy built on the open web. Blue Carbon Tonne is a Web3 Solution that understands the power of consensus networks to support global human action. 

As such, Toucan has dedicated resources to discover how the open internet can help humanity coordinate human responsibility as earth’s stewards. There is a common thread of environmental responsibility to secure a shared future for subsequent generations, no matter your religious background. 

The project supports a planet-positive economy on the open web. Smart contracts are an Ethereum innovation that supports human coordination on a global scale. Toucan aims to power innovation to regenerate the financial and environmental systems. The open internet is humanity’s best hope of achieving this standard utility. 

The environment-preserving project has independently worked towards an intersection of technology, engineering, and sustainability for years. Evidently, the blockchain is vital in addressing existential issues about 21st-century climate. These issues have meant late brainstorming and testing to discover the best solutions. Polygon is a vital layer two solution that have ensured that Ethereum solutions promote scalability and sustainability. Toucan is working with Polygon’s Social Impact incubator for positive action on climate issues.

Base Carbon Tonne (BCT)

Toucan launched the Base Carbon Tonne (BCT) in October 2021. This move came with the release of a million carbon credits. Weeks later, more than 15 million carbon credit tokens are available in the Base Carbon pool, an environmental triumph. 

Bitcoin has come under criticism for its perceived negative environmental impact. However, Bitcoin miners are fast exploring environmental solutions that accommodate the needs of green miners. These solutions are fast catching up amid the outcry over the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining. 

BCT tokens are the latest entrant seeking to remedy the issue. BCT tokens represent a chunk of environmental projects that represent the aspirations of the blockchain community to fix existing issues. 

Toucan launched a new logo for the DeFi ecosystem. Users would have access to the Liquid Carbon Base Carbon Tonne (BCT) TOKEN. In the week following the launch of this token, one million carbon credits got bridged on-chain. The numbers now range in the tens of millions and will continue to grow. These tokens on the Base Carbon Pool represent a basket of environmental projects that will continue to grow in stature.

BCT ranks as one of the leading tokens on Polygon. Polygon is an ultimate LAYER-2 blockchain solution to add scalability to the Ethereum blockchain. The pioneer smart contracting platform is quickly gaining stature as an independent innovation blockchain. This utility is a hundred billion dollar solution part of the greater decentralised finance ecosystem.


Getting Started: Base Carbon Tonne (BCT)

There is serious work to do in achieving meaningful climate action. Leading nation economies are engaged in a blame game unlikely to lead to collective action. The Paris conference of 2015 is great on paper, but it will be interesting to note what major economies will commit to doing soon.

Making a dent in the future involves serious work. Progress has to emanate from a mutual understanding of how to proceed. BCT is an ambitious project that seeks to become the leading carbon asset of Web3.

Notably, Base Carbon Tonne (BCT) is a fungible carbon token. Fungibility refers to the interchangeability of blockchain tokens with others of similar value. BCT seeks to become a building block for climate action. The token complies with the ERC-20 standard to enable free interchangeability with other tokens.

Toucan Bridge facilitates the journey from carbon credit to a Web3 asset. Users, therefore, can securely bridge carbon tokens on the blockchain. Users have essential securitisation mechanisms to prevent double-spending and the uniqueness of blockchain assets.

Action in Environmental Conservation

BCT is one of the unique tokens in the contemporary blockchain industry. This pool has a deliberate design to accommodate those with a vested interest in environmental action. Besides, the project seeks to achieve a common utility based on this action. The Carbon Pool holders will be at the front of climate action. 

Climate change should not be a buzzword. It is a call to action for those genuinely interested in a wholesome environment. This token is a rallying cry for those seeking an actual environmental footprint. 

Climate should not be a political issue but a galvanising point seeking a galvanised perspective for future generations. An economic benefit in the form of a token can be a positive for those seeking progress. The time to take action on the future of this planet is now, and BCT presents a viable opportunity.

Toucan is seeking to be a vital step in the Carbon credit lifecycle. Blockchain projects have diverse missions. Rarely do they involve such noble causes as environmental protection. BCT is a rare opportunity to get the best of both worlds. It will be fascinating to watch where this project goes.

It’s a step in the right direction when top crypto gambling platforms like BC.GAME support carbon neutrality and thus inspire others to follow suit!