BC.GAME, one of the leading blockchain-based online gaming platforms, is set to launch its regular event–the Grand Casino Battle. As we know, BC.GAME is famous for providing exciting and thrilling events for crypto casino enthusiasts. The Grand Casino Battle welcomes the crypto-gambling platform’s players to compete for a share of the massive prize pool.

What Games Can You Play?

grand casino battle 2023

The event promises to be one of the year’s most exciting and highly anticipated online casino events. If you are a slots fan, here are these year’s games you can play to get a winning spot on the Grand Casino Battle.

  • Boom! Boom! Gold!
  • Sticky Piggy
  • Fairytales Beauties
  • Story of Odin
  • Rabbit Bonanza
  • Regal Crown 25
  • Mega Greatest Catch Bonus Buy
  • Juicy Gems Bonus Buy
  • Hell Hot 100
  • Mummyland Treasures
  • Big Wild Buffalo
  • 9 Dragon Kings
  • Lucky Cat

With a vast selection of games available, this event is one that you wouldn’t want to miss this year.

How You Can Win Huge Prizes

You need to play and win the highest multiplier from the participating games to get the top spot.

To participate in this promotion, you must enter the betlink of your successful wager in the opt-in form. You can obtain the betlink from your bet ID in the transaction history. Click on the Share icon and select copy link. From there, paste it on the opt-in form of the Grand Casino Battle event.

If you win a higher multiplier, just do the same procedure in obtaining the betlink and filling out the opt-in form. Doing this will delete your old entry, which means you have a higher chance of getting the top spot. You can submit multiple winning entries, but the only counted entry is the one you submitted last. You can replace the previously submitted entry.

Who Are Eligible to Join?

BC.GAME VIPs in VIP 04 and above are allowed to participate in the event. To qualify for the campaign, you must win a 10x multiplier from any game listed above, with a minimum bet of $0.50.

Like other BC.GAME events, only one entry per household is allowed. Players who will be caught claiming multiple prizes will be disqualified from the current and future challenges in the event.

To be fair, players must post all bets within 24 hours. The event thread will automatically close when the window time is over. Remember to follow the instructions to keep your entries valid. The prizes will be distributed within 72 hours to the player’s account once the event has ended.

More About The Grand Casino Battle Event

The prize pool changes regularly in this recurring event, so don’t forget to check the promotion occasionally. Players can use any cryptocurrency except for JB and BCL. Those who use the Free Play Mode of the games are not eligible to join the campaign.

Players up to the 7th spot can have their individual shares of the prize pool. On the other hand, 8th to 20th, 21st to 30th, 31st to 50th, and 51st to 80th players will share a specific amount based on the prize pool.