BC.GAME and its sportsbook partner, Betby, are having a 2-week long event for all BC.GAME VIP players. This will be an exciting sports leaderboard game with a prize pool of $80k. Betby supplies the complete sportsbook solution to the crypto casino platform, complete with 24/7 eSports titles and unique betting opportunities.

Eligible players can get a chance to have a share of the prize pool from two rounds of the event with $40k each. Players can place their bets on different sports, such as FIFA, NBA 2k, eCricket, Rocket League, eFighting, eShooter, eTennis, and eBaseball. Winnings will be distributed as Free Bet, which can be claimed as you log in to the sportsbook page.

How to Participate in The $80k Sports Leaderboard Event

Players of BC.GAME can place a pre-match or live bets in the offered games. Each player has a minimum bet of $1 or its equivalent to the digital currency they are using. Five weekly bets are also required to qualify for the event.

A point system determines winners. Points are given to players every time they win a bet. The first round of the event will be from February 1, 00:00 UTC, to February 5, 23:59 UTC, while the second round will run the next week, from February 6, 00:00 UTC,  to 12th FEB, 23:59 UTC.

300 players can win each round, depending on their ranks. The player with the highest point will win a $5,000 prize. If two players are tied on the same rank, the player who reaches the rank first will win the prize associated with their rank. Other terms and conditions for the event can be accessed on the forum page of BC.GAME.

More details of the $80k Sports Leaderboard Tournament can be found here: https://forum.bc.game/topic/13086-80000-sports-leaderboard-tournament/

Other Sportsbetting Promotional Events From BC.GAME

BC.GAME is known to host many generous promotional events not only in casino games but in sportsbetting as well. Another ongoing event players can join is the $300 Parlays Challenge #41. The event runs from January 31, 13:00 UTC, until February 5, 23:59 UTC. Players can participate in the game by posting their Ticket ID and their Parlay Link in a forum thread.

All players joining the event will share the $300 prize pool. The top 7 players can win from $5 to $100. The remaining $60 from the prize pool will be divided among all the participants that met the minimum payment, bet, and stake requirements.

To win, players should place a multi-bet with x3 betting on at least three matches. A bet of multi-combo parlay should also be placed on the bet markets of your choice. Closed and old bet slips are not allowed in the event.

Like other BC.GAME events, only one entry per household is allowed. A player caught claiming multiple bets will be disqualified from the current and future events of the parlay challenge. All hits should be placed on a single post, and bets are only valid in the event period.