The Problem With An Online Casino Affiliate’s Downline

Promoting online casino is very profitable. No arguments there. However, there is one annoyance that every affiliate deals with. The inevitable referral drop-off that occurs when a high value player goes from generating daily commissions to generating zero commissions. It is almost a guarantee that it will happen. When it will happen, is a guessing game. So in order for an online casino affiliate to maintain a steady stream of income, they would have to make sure they are always funnelling in new players just to keep earning the same amount.

The Causes Of Referral Drop-Off

There are a number of reasons why commissions just stop. Here are the most common.

  1. Players realize that there is money being made from their wagering and decide that they want that money for themselves. So they use their own referral link to create a new account and voila, secret rake back enabled.
  2. How about that snaky, chatroom prowling referral stealer? You know, the guy that stalks online casinos and watches the global bets board just waiting for a high roller to appear. Then he will initiate a friendly conversation, maybe even send the high roller a nice tip. Now that they are buds, Mr. Chatroom snake-ass referral stealer can offer that player a percentage deal on any commissions earned if the player creates a new account as his referral. Yeah, that guy.
  3. Players get trapped at one casino. The longer they stay loyal, the harder it becomes for them to spend time or money at a new casino. This is due to the fine tuned gamification strategies and VIP programs that most casinos use. (Helpful tip: Players have a tendency to remain loyal to the first casino they ever played at. Or, more accurately, the first casino they ever won at. Even, if they are unhappy with the overall experience.)
    When I say trapped, I am referring to VIP rewards, VIP levels, rake backs and all the perks and bonuses that are accrued every time a bet is made. Let’s face it, loyalty programs work. Especially, when there is bonus money involved. This is the biggest wall that stands in the way of a casino promoter’s long term profit potential.

These examples have been accepted as part of the industry. Affiliates usually have this metric factored into their estimated ROI. That is, until now.

The BC.Game Way

BC.Game created the solution for all of the problems mentioned above when they pioneered the gaming industry’s first, and still the best, VIP transfer program. Finally, long term affiliate commissions are protected to a degree that has never been achieved before. Instead of new traffic being a replacement for lost referrals, it will be an addition to them. Affiliate’s spreadsheets will have more black rows that stand the test of time longer than anyone ever thought possible.

Extraordinary Ideas Like This Don’t Come From Ordinary People. The revolutionary minds behind the BC.Game online casino have a habit of pushing the industry forward. I recently had a casual chat with Coco, the Owner of BC.Game that hates titles like “Owner.”

I asked him “How do you manage to stay ahead the curve while confidently challenging your competition and the industry as a whole to do better?”

His nerdy response was, “Most casinos focus only on profits, expenses, the LTV of their players and basically, all the money shit. That is important but so is everything else. We make sure that every vertical is constantly being evaluated and scrutinized for efficiency, transparency, fairness and pain point elimination. Our goal is to optimize all that to perfection without compromising security or negatively impacting the user experience .”

Sounds good to me. He also told me that there is a major upgrade coming to the affiliate platform very soon. So stay tuned for that.

What Is The VIP Transfer Program?

The VIP transfer program is, hands down, the most competitive VIP initiative in the industry. It allows VIP players from any casino to transfer their VIP status from the casino they have earned the most VIP levels over to BC.Game.  They are not starting from level zero anymore. This transfer comes with a nice USDT bonus as well as all the accompanying perks of their VIP level. Once a player sees all the bonuses and perks they are entitled to on their brand new account, it is highly unlikely that they would want to start from level zero. For high level VIP players, they are essentially skipping through a year or more of the wagering they would be required to do if they were to start fresh at any other casino. This locks them in for the affiliate that referred them, for life.

This is still a new concept and only a few other casinos have attempted to copy it but I predict that this time next year, most casinos will follow suit.

A Few More Reasons To Promote BC.Game

  1. Instant payouts
  2. No minimum to withdraw
  3. Comprehensive affiliate dashboard
  4. No negative carryover
  5. Personal affiliate manager(for high performing partners)
  6. Multiple campaigns support
  7. Customizable referral links
  8. Customizable welcome messages
  9. Commissions start at 25% of the 1% house edge from EVERY bet(special rates are, of course, negotiable)

There you have it. If you aren’t already signing up for the BC.Game Affiliate Program, you are missing out.