It’s the time of the year again where BC.GAME opened a $1.5 million prize pool event to celebrate the Rio Carnival. By blending the excitement of online gaming with the energy and enthusiasm of the Rio Carnival, BC.GAME aims to create a unique and immersive experience for its players. The event will run from February 5, 2024, at 08:00:00 UTC+0 until March 4, 2024 at 07:59:59 UTC+0. 

Prize Pool Distribution

BC.GAME starts the festivities with a solid foundation — a user base pool starting at $200,000. As the promotion unfolds, an additional 0.1% of every wager contributes to the prize pool, culminating in a maximum of $1,500,000. This sum will be distributed among the Top 500 RIO Coin holders at the event’s culmination.

What To Do With The Rio Coin

RIO Coin emerges as a distinctive digital currency crafted exclusively for the RIO Carnival event. For every $2 wagered, participants earn 1 RIO coin. Additionally, every $1 deposited fetches them 1 RIO coin. Daily login on the event site grants participants 5-10 RIO, with additional chances for inviting friends to the wager event — up to 5 extra chances every day.

Participants can amplify their rewards by engaging with RIO Coin. Here’s a breakdown of how to make the most of this exclusive offering:

  • 1,500 RIO COIN: Acquire 5 BCD (0/10)
  • 10,000 RIO COIN: Obtain 50 BCD (0/3)
  • 28,000 RIO COIN: Secure 150 BCD (0/1)
  • 48,000 RIO COIN: Gain 250 BCD (0/1)

With BC.GAME’s $1.5 Million Rio Carnival event, the fusion of gaming and carnival celebration, has never been more enticing. Seize the opportunity, unlock rewards, and be part of this extraordinary event!

Check the event here: or simply go to official website!


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