BC.GAME is renowned for showering its players with rewards and exciting opportunities. Building upon their existing Weekly Bonus program for VIPs, they’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the BC Sports Club Weekly Bonus, specifically designed to elevate the sports betting experience for dedicated fans.

How BC Sports Club Works

This innovative new bonus program caters exclusively to sports bettors. It functions alongside the existing Weekly Bonus, offering VIPs (level 22 and above) a chance to rack up even more weekly rewards.

The BC Sports Club calculates your weekly wager amount from Saturday to Friday and distributes a Weekend Bonus every Saturday based on that total. The tiered bonus structure caters to a diverse range of bettors. Whether you’re a casual sports fan placing weekend wagers or a seasoned high roller, the BC Sports Club offers something.

The process is simple yet rewarding:

  • Wager $500 or more: $5 Weekend Bonus
  • Wager $2,500 or more: $30 Weekend Bonus
  • Wager $5,000 or more: $70 Weekend Bonus
  • Wager $10,000 or more: Reap the rewards with a $150 Weekend Bonus
  • Wager $50,000 or more: Experience the thrill with a $500 Weekend Bonus
  • Wager $250,000 or more: Elevate your winnings with a staggering $1000 Weekend Bonus

The beauty of this rewards program lies in its inclusivity. Regardless of your preferred market or chosen odds within the Sportsbook, all your wagers contribute to your weekly total. 

Key Points to Remember

The bonuses are paid in BCD for crypto users and FIAT for fiat users every Saturday morning (UTC), ensuring a seamless and timely reward system. Your weekly wager amount is calculated from the previous Saturday at 00:00 hrs to Friday at 23:59 hrs (UTC), allowing for a comprehensive assessment of your betting activities.

Only wagers placed in the Sportsbook contribute to calculating weekly wager amounts, with all markets and odds included in the evaluation. This promotion is exclusively available to VIP 22+ members, adding prestige and exclusivity to the BC Sports Club Weekly Bonus.

Elevate Your Sports Betting Experience

With the introduction of BC Sports Club, we’re redefining the sports betting landscape, offering unparalleled rewards and incentives to our esteemed players. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the world of sports wagering, BC Sports Club promises an exhilarating journey filled with excitement and lucrative opportunities.

The BC Sports Club Weekly Bonus is here to stay, becoming a permanent fixture in BC.GAME’s ever-expanding rewards portfolio.

Embrace the Future of Sports Betting

BC Sports Club

The BC Sports Club Weekly Bonus isn’t just a one-time offering—it’s a commitment to continuous innovation and enhancement of the player experience. BC.GAME is about creating a dynamic and rewarding environment for sports betting enthusiasts.

It’s a community for passionate sports fans who share the thrill of the game. Engage with fellow sports enthusiasts through BC.GAME’s chat features, discuss upcoming matches, and share betting strategies.

Remember, responsible betting is paramount. The BC Sports Club bonuses are a reward, not a reason to overspend. Always stick to your predetermined budget and ensure your betting decisions are well-informed.

Important to Note: BC.GAME’s promotions and events may vary. For changes and updates about promotions’ terms and conditions, please visit the official website or join the telegram group for the latest updates! 


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