Co-Founder Victor Ye chats with BlockchainBrad about his Decentralized AI-powered Trust Alliance. DATA is a blockchain based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure. The team has built a DATA technology stack composed of four layers and its core feature is fraud detection and prevention.

DATA aims to solve the following:

1) Limitation of Centralized Internet Advertising Bureau

The middle layer grows in size, creating loopholes for bad players that manipulate the system for the gain.

2) Severe Ad Fraud
More than 40% of online ads traffic is bot traffic, which costs advertisers $16 billion annually.

3) Monetization and User Experience Dilemma
Users rarely get rewarded from ads, which drives 600 million devices to use ad blocking, hence decrease efficiency of the ecosystem.

1) How DATA aims to solve these problems:

Ad Flow
from advertisers/ad networks/DSPs to publishers/developers and then to end users.

2)Data Flow
from user device to P2P based mobile storage (M³). SDK protocol transforms individual devices into nodes of M³.

3) Token Flow
from DATA network to users, publishers/developers and DATA nodes. DATA network validates data and issues tokens to relevant contributors.