Bitcoin could hit $1 million according to Chamath Palihapitiya. He also feels that companies in industries such as aviation should be allowed to FAIL, and the the bankruptcy packages could actually protect employees much more than we’ve been told.

Chamath is opposed to Wall Street and the hedge fund investor class. He largely believes their irresponsible behavior that made the current economic collapse possible in the first place.

We also explore the upcoming Blockdown conference and give away this week’s cryptotag Zeus starter kit!

Billionare and Bitcoin investor Chamath Palihapitiya talks about Wall Street lies

He owned nearly 5% Bitcoin Supply in 2013 He says on Anthony Pompliano Podcast

Chamath Palihapitiya Bitcoin Prediction
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  2. if tomorrow i tell the press that a machine operator can't make his payments or a mother can't put together two cents to feed her kids, nobody panics, because it's all "part of the plan." but when i say that one little ceo won't make his bonus, well then everyone loses their minds

  3. These news ppl aka mainstream media what’s wrong with America smh. He don’t understand the monetary system, nor he understands how business really work smh. Dummies!!!!

  4. There is only one reason that bitcoin has the valuation it has compared to much better cryptos, like ETH and potentially ADA; it was first to market. In reality it is a dinosaur. The first bitcoin I bought took 36 hours to reach my wallet and the lightning network has solved nothing.

  5. Wow! I actually won something. Their award has been watching all these videos over the years I appreciate all your research and information with the progression of our community and cryptocurrency‘s.

  6. Chamath nailed it. The US system is, unfortunately, filled with cronyism. As long as the Fed keeps propping up companies that contribute to the politicians who perpetuate the system, then mal-investment will continue. Eventfully, the system will fail. I’m sure glad bitcoin is available as a hedge.

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