We aim at preserving the craftsmanship and art of printed books, while at the same time enhancing them with digital functionalities, creating a truly unique, multi-sensory and immersive experience for every reader. ​ bitbook aims to bridge the gap between printed books and e-books and to enable printed books to co-exist in the Internet of Things (IoT) world with other devices and media. To reach our goals we work together with our partners to research and develop sustainable digital applications/ technologies.

Our initial target market stretches across two huge industries: the hotel industry, valued at $528 billion, and the crypto industry valued at $2 trillion.


Bit books can easily be used with corresponding printed books or with a touch-screen interface. All age groups and societal backgrounds can be employed and hence their total inclusion in its productions. Definitely, it’s better when we touch paper rather than plastic. The magic of Bitbooks comes from their ability to perform their digital operations without knowing the technologies involved. This can be achieved by the use of conductive inks and adoption of printed electronic technologies, which are a technique for creating electronic circuits by printing onto flexible substrates (e.g. paper).

BitBook, on the contrary, is built with a focus on growth where everyone benefits: users are rewarded with tokens when they use our platform, and accommodation providers benefit from a lower commission structure solving their biggest challenge.

It’s like an ebook

Bitbook has been the world’s best-known concept in a new generation of digital books aimed at changing the way we read traditional printed books. The goal is to enable readers of books to easily access digital material by rubbing inks on pages. The reader may read audio from the book, view color changing printed images or connect with any electronic devices in proximity such as televisions or speakers, or smart phones.

Best of both worlds

Bitbooks unique qualities are its ability to link from digital to printed content with ease, while the advantages can remain the same for all formats of the same standard format. Print books, thereby, in addition to being enhanced with multimedia, are also excellent interfaces for accessing digital content. Bitbooks combine both worlds to produce an intuitive format, multisensory interactive.


The book page is produced using normal ink for the typical printed content and with electrically conductive ink for printed sensors and interactive components. The conductive ink senses contact between the palm and binds the button or link to the printer. Various similar interactions like hands, fingers, sliding, pageturns, etc., could also occur.

What is the all time high of BitBook?

BitBooks record was €0.204. This is the highest price paid on BitBook since its launch.

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BBT Price Today

The latest BitBook price has surpassed the average daily volume of $266.58. BBT has been trading above 2% since last week. What is the total amount to be produced for this currency? ‘ Bitmart is currently the largest Bit Book trading platform.

The creation of BitBook Token is what allows us to bring this project from a concept to a platform that will be able to disrupt the current market leaders. Our initial target market stretches across two huge industries: the hotel industry, valued at $528 billion and the crypto industry valued at $2 trillion.


Bitbook price

solid working growth model

The current BitBook price for today currently is $0.001036 USD, with a 24 hour trade volume that is $166,598 dollars. We change the BBT in the form of a USD value in real-time. BitBook has increased by 3.67 percent over the last 24 hours. The most recent CoinMarketCap rank is 3427, with a price of $0. The supply of circulating coins is not available , and there is a maximum. amount of 1,000,000 BBT coins.

If you’d like to know where you can purchase BitBook at the present price The top cryptocurrency exchanges that trade in BitBook stocks are BitMart and ProBit Global.. Other exchanges are that are listed in our cryptocurrency exchanges pages.

Over 1.3 billion people travel each year across the world.The industry of hotels has a value of $528 billion per year and is predicted to increase by 2030. . 90 percent of the market for booking is currently dominated by two major platforms . Since hotels are totally dependent on these platforms combating high commission fees has become the most significant issue. Competing with these giants in the corporate world will be futile. The best way to compete is to play a different game completely. Based on these easy observations, we saw an immense potential for an Crypto company to join in this fight, which is why we came up with BitBook.

Initial Target market stretches

BitBook is a travel platform that lets users make reservations for accommodations and earn tokens in the process. Through our Token Reward program, not just will help to increase adoption of the platform by encouraging users to invite their friends along however, we also drive natural traffic through rewarding those for creating amazing travel-related content.

The development of BitBook Token is what allows us to move this idea from a idea into an actual platform capable of challenging the market leaders. Our initial market target stretches over two massive industries that include the hotel industry estimated at $528 billion, and the crypto market, estimated by $2 trillion. . Many cryptocurrency companies make the mistake in not having a functioning growth strategy. BitBook however is designed by focusing on growth, where everyone is benefitting as users receive tokens for using our platform, while accommodation companies benefit from the lower commission structure, which is their most difficult problem.


Bitbook Price Chart

market cap, hong kong dollar

BitBook’s business model will divided into three income streams. A competitive commission structure for each booking made through BitBook. BitBook platform. Affiliate Marketing to market products of third parties (Insurance flight, insurance or car rental etc.) Advertising will allow our partners to provide relevant services and products. The entire earnings streams will be used to purchase back tokens on the market. These tokens will be then burned, which will reduce the total supply that circulates which will boost its value. BitBook token. Following IEO completes that is completed, the entire available supply will be sold and made available for sale on the open market.The method described above was derived from years of experience working in the field of travel and travel industry, from the corporate travel booking platforms as well as working with the largest hotels. After years of working in Crypto and over a period of a year of listing projects on the KuCoin exchange, KuCoin have the precise outline and the knowledge of how to implement our business strategy.

From the same co-founding group of VPNresellers Our team, which is comprised of sales and marketing experts together with strong technical expertise, creates an effective force to achieve the success of our clients..

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