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0:05 A word from our sponsors
2:21 Bitcoin’s Existence Crisis
5:02 Cooking with Jones
7:45 A run in with the electric/gas guy
10:48 Bitcoin is just a stupid fad
11:32 We got a situation
13:50 All I want to do is cry
14:17 To feel no more pain, I must do cocaine
15:50 B’s special visitor bearing gifts
17:37 Freedom Fest
18:15 The secret passphrase
19:42 The henchmen arrive
21:58 He’s with me
22:49 There could be a mutiny
24:18 Economania
26:30 A decentralized public ledger
28:40 Victory for B
29:07 Jamus Sapphire

Publications and News:
https://blocktv.com/watch/2019-06-12/5d0129a8e349e-bitcoin-and-friends-is-back-with-episode-2 “Bitcoin and Friends” is back with Episode 2

“In the pilot episode, we start at the beginning of bitcoin in 2009 and wanted to show the frailty and uncertainty of those early days,” explains Uncle Chris, the show’s director and the voice of the protagonist lead called B…” https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-and-friends-animated-series-airs-spicy-first-episode/

“The 8-part cartoon sequence tells the life of a lonely bitcoin in search of his lost father.” Read more… https://www.rttnews.com/2990577/bitcoin-and-friends-cartoon-series-streamed-online.aspx
“‘Bitcoin and Friends Featuring Petey Pablo Adds Levity to Crypto” by CCN: https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-and-friends-petey-pablo/

Uncle Chris Productions Airs First Episode of “Bitcoin and Friends”

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