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  1. I just need to agree with all the others here: You guys are incredibly talented and have a wonderful and intelligent sense of humor. I would wish there would be more such great productions out there. Most TV series such as Simpsons are just a shadow of their great past. Thanks so much for giving us these.

  2. I'm painting 1 million Venezuelans going to Francisco Fajardo Avenue to burn the BCV (central bank of Venezuela) and see the whole building in flames while I see trillions of bolivars that are worth less than 1 Satoshi .. flying through the air .. was my libid moment as an artist

  3. You gotta be careful with this meme… The Bob Ross Estate loves issuing copyright takedowns, because they are bitter and humourless.

    Hilarious Day of the Rope reference.

  4. Every and each word need to pay attention as it hides very deep meaning into it. very well done guys, hope your painting becomes the reality sooooooon. Aman .

  5. Ha Ha Ha, Way to paint a True Picture B, Nice Work.. That man Should have bought some satoshi's, "poor thing"… Don't let this be You Good People! BitCoin is King!

  6. I hope Peter Schiff is watching this after his first livestream here on his channel crashed and burned and had 3700 viewers all commenting so fast it nearly gave him a seizure. It was a day or so ago, go have a look, it is hilarious. It is rare to have that many comments, so fast scrolling by. I think he needs a vacation.


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