Ethereum pumps! #Bitcoin at crucial levels, the case for the $1M $BTC, old men hate crypto, $LTC halvening, $TRX vulnerability, $ETH dApp transactions at ATH, Lightning Network rickshaws, $NRG AMA, crypto news, and more!

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1:08 Markets 〽️
5:32 The one thing to confirm a bull market?
8:20 BTC to 1 Million?
9:41 Fake News:
10:18 Charlie Munger disses BTC:
11:19 …and then contradicts himself:
12:51 Shut down crypto?
14:30 Gold vs Fiat vs BTC:
16:34 Litecoin Halvening:
16:44 Tron critical bug!
17:34 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address 50% txs:
18:13 Ethereum dApp txs ATH:
19:10 Diar report:
19:48 Unstoppable Domains update:
21:28 Bcause LLC:
22:08 Cycle Rickshaws x Lightning Network:
23:11 ? NRG EarnDrop ?
23:50 ? Energi (NRG) AMA with Tommy World Powers

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INSANE Bitcoin Coincidence: The Most Bullish Signal Yet?! ? Timing is CRITICAL!

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