Straight from the game’s name, it’s all about chance regarding the bitcoin lottery on BC.Game, the best Bitcoin casino. Similar to bitcoin slots, players have no input that can influence the game’s outcome. So, what’s the BC.Game Lottery?

Well, this is a game where players must pick six balls from two sets of numbers. The first set of numbers runs from one to 36, while the other set runs from one to ten. These selections form one ticket that costs $0.10. All ticket purchases stop at 14:50 UTC+0 daily in readiness for the draw that happens at 15:00 UTC+0 daily.

Each draw will produce six numbers; you must cross your fingers to match all six numbers to win the jackpot prize set at $100,000. Let’s take a closer look at how the lottery works, how to play it, and how to verify its fairness.

bitcoin lottery

How to Participate in BC.Game Lotto

Now that you know what BC.Game lotto is, let’s look at how you can play.

The first step is to buy tickets on the site. Remember that you can use BCL and 32 other currencies to purchase tickets. Use the dropdown list to choose your preferred coin. But what is this BCL, you ask? BCL BC.Game’s unique currency is only usable on the BC Lottery. It’s similar to the BCD, but it’s lower in value. One BCL is equivalent to $0.10 cents.

The BCL’s main job is to purchase tickets for the lottery game. One ticket to the bitcoin lottery costs $0.10. Something else to keep in mind is that you cannot withdraw or deposit BCL. You can only swap cryptocurrencies for BCL using the BC SWAP feature. Using BCL, you can rain, coin drop, tip, or play.

‘There are two ways you can purchase lottery tickets: 

  • Auto-generate: In the Buy Lottery Tickets section, choose the number of tickets you want to buy and choose the “Auto Generate” option. As the name suggests, this will automatically generate the numbers on the ticket. 
  • Manual Select: This option gives you the freedom to choose your preferred numbers. There are two sections here. The five digits where you have to choose five numbers from 1 to 36. The other section is the Jackpot Ball, where you can only choose one number from 1 to 10. You can also click the “Random” button for the RNG to choose the numbers. Click on the “Buy Tickets” to complete the transaction.

Keep in mind that the number of tickets will generate several tickets but of a similar combination. If you want to get varied tickets with varying combinations, you must buy them several times. After buying your tickets, wait for the draw every day at 15:00 UTC+0. You can then go back to the lottery page to see your prize.   

BC.Game Prize Details

Here’s the deal. If you match the six numbers on your lottery ticket with the draw numbers, you’ll bag a whopping $100,000. It is also the bitcoin lottery jackpot. But if there are other winners, you may have to share the jackpot amount equally with the other winners. If you match five numbers only, each ticket will win a $3,000 reward.

On the other hand, if you match four of the first set of five numbers, you will walk away with a $20 prize. Matching three of the first five numbers rewards you with only $1. That’s the same for players who match only two of the first five numbers. Finally, if you miss all six numbers, the lottery will be reserved for free. But you’ll continue playing in the following day’s draw.  


Fairness in the Bitcoin Lottery Draw

Randomness and fairness are key in the lottery draw. The casino is keen on using provably fair technology to maintain independence. And being a crypto casino, this is not a tall order. Here’s how the draw happens.

The draw uses the 5+1 balls rule. That means five regular balls chosen from a pool of 36 numbers and one ball from a pool of 10 numbers. The latter is the jackpot ball. Then there are two aspects you need to keep in mind if you’re a nerd looking to understand how it all goes down behind the scenes: 

  • The Server Seeds: Every game will generate a new server seed and publish the string after Hash256. 
  • The Client Seeds: Get the ETH height once the daily ticket purchase deadline ends. Afterwards, use Hash after 20 blocks as the client seed. 

To get the hash value, use HMAC_SHA256 to produce a 64-bit character string. That is: hash = HMAC_SHA256 (clientSeed, serverSeed). Next, use the 8 characters from the hash and turn them into an int32 value. Now take the converted value 0x100000000 and multiply it by the number of balls, and the number is the winning position. It is also where the casino gets its corresponding ball.  

What is Provably Fair?

bitcoin lottery

Provably fair is a technology used in online gambling where an algorithm is used to check and verify the fairness of an online casino. There are several variables used in provably fair:

  1. Server Seed (Hash)
  2. Server Sees
  3. Stop Block
  4. Client Seed Block
  5. Client Seed (Hashed)

One of the reasons players and casinos prefer this technology is its verifiability. In this case, click on the provably fair icon and then click on Verify. Simply input the same unhashed seeds to check whether the value produced matches the same one in the game. This method allows casinos to eliminate any doubts or fears players may have about possible fraud.