What other crypto-assets and technologies interest you besides Bitcoin and Ethereum? I’m interested in the cryptocurrencies that are pioneering privacy and anonymity, such as Monero and Zcash. I’m interested in resource-sharing ones as well. It is less likely that they will be eclipsed by Bitcoin and its second layers as long as they maintain that privacy-conscious differentiation.

Is Litecoin still “the silver to bitcon’s [digital] gold”? Litecoin often follows the core roadmap, but it has filled a niche of rapid development that acts as a testing ground for innovations that may end up in Bitcoin. I think there is room for multiple cryptocurrencies that have less adoption overall but are “apex” in certain categories.

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in bitcoin.

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  1. Thanks for your Q&A's I hope you are able to read this one. I'm a believer in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency. I'm new to the space, but one aspect that has me wondering (maybe worrying) is why, after all these years, there is a lack of of any major players/contributors. What I mean is, Google, Apple, Amazon, Intel, Tesla, SpaceX, Nvida, Facebook are almost silent (or even anti-crypto) on Crypto. These same companies spend BILLIONS in R&D trying to stay ahead of the competition to be the first- Global Internet Service, Self Driving Cars, AI, Quantum Computers. Why they have not entered the Crypto-space is worrisome. I understand why banks are slow to act, they are in the horse & buggy business. But when a search engine company (Google) has a billion dollar sand box and are trying to do every new tech there is, why the silence on Crypto? Your thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Bill Gates is simply wrong about privacy coins. Sure, technology can be wielded as a weapon, but imagine how limited people would be if just ANYONE could go and crawl the blockchain and deduce what you are spending your money on. Your actions are incredibly limited if you assume that someone is always watching you. Humans were given privacy-by-birth; you own your body, you own your thoughts, and to live in a pseudonymous world is to stand against this notion of intrinsic birth-right privacy. "Pseudonymous" doesn't mean "pretty much anonymous" it means "pretty much NOT anonymous AT ALL", big difference.

  3. Antonoup! I hear they are building a blockchain native OS for decentralized web appplications. What do you think the emergence of complete decentralized internet infrastructure platforms will have on the ecosystem. ethererum = smart contracts. decenternet = decentralized web servers.

  4. @andreas antonopolous, what was your opinion on the rant peter schiff had about bitcoin on the joe rogan podcast?? And if this has already been answered can anyone link it to me, thanks

  5. You should have so many more upvotes on these videos Andreas, thank you so much for what you've done for me over the years. Since this last price surge I've been reinvigorated into the community not because of the price, but because of all the fresh faces. Stay strong AA! +Cryptogenik

  6. Totally agree the privacy coins are very important.

    Thoughts on the steemit blockchain?
    It has been around for several years evolving and it is the most actively used blockchain by a long long way. There is also a desperate need for all content creators, large or small, to be rewarded, it also helps drive creativity rather than drown it out. The current state of social media, facebook, twitter, youtube etc is broken and desperately in need of change and competition, something user and companies alike are openly stating. The censorship now seen across all social media is also very worrying.

  7. I had a revelation recently and finally figured out Andreas' logo…it's the birds view of his head! looool….I think he needs to invest into new branding 🙂

  8. Andreas, I’m a big fan but wanted to check something. You said litecoin was the first to active segwit, did you mean the first between bitcoin & litecoin? My understanding is that digibyte was the first, as it activated segwit on 28 April and litecoin followed in May. Is that incorrect?

  9. Andreas, what you think about Gridcoin? Is there future in it? What is there weakest link? I've been doing volunteer computing years prior to GRC. Although it never going to cover my cost but hey, why not.


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