Hard forks leading to chain splits. Are chain splits a political/ governance failure? Is it better to do them sooner rather than later? Ethereum’s frequent iterations and flexibility vs. Bitcoin’s slower iterations and conservatism. The market has chosen to follow the Core roadmap, which has the overwhelming majority of the development and (often unpaid) developers for Bitcoin.

Watch the rest of the presentation! https://youtu.be/P6F1vTG_hA0

This is part (Q&A-5) of a keynote talk which took place on October 19th 2016 during the Bitcoin Wednesday Meetup at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands: https://www.meetup.com/BitcoinWednesday/events/234498117/

Event Info: http://www.bitcoinwednesday.com/event/special-edition-19-october-2016/

Presentation Info: http://www.bitcoinwednesday.com/antonopoulos-bitcoin-incubator-black-swans/

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