What is the difference between Bitcoin and “blockchain”? Blockchains are only one of the foundational technologies. In an attempt to co-opt the interest around Bitcoin, companies and governments are trying to circle the square by creating centralised and permissioned versions while entirely missing the point: decentralization.

This is part of a talk which took place at Pebble Beach for the Capgemini CXO Forum on November 1-3rd 2017 in Monterey, California.

Blockchain vs. Bullshit: Thoughts On the Future of Money – https://youtu.be/SMEOKDVXlUo
Bitcoin and the Banks: Five Stages of Grief – https://youtu.be/43Ucj6_Erb0
Decentralized Truth – https://youtu.be/XCVaabu3J04
Why developers are leaving banks – https://youtu.be/GqOZ4IAQ-xQ
My response to Jamie Dimon – https://youtu.be/1dEcdGc0tIo
Private chains misunderstand the fundamental value of blockchains – https://youtu.be/haKVaGHKQJM
Why bitcoin is the poison pill of global finance – https://youtu.be/UOfRIaJICgI
Impact of smart contracts on law and accounting – https://youtu.be/K-TRzuPwJCc
Irreversibility and consumer protection – https://youtu.be/R107YWu5XzU
The end of vampire-squid financing – https://youtu.be/yyXOQG5iNWo
The internet will eat your business – https://youtu.be/DXLZSgf4b8Q
Self-Sovereign Identity Panel – https://youtu.be/DZbyiJqKT8c
Bitcoin: Where the Laws of Mathematics Prevail – https://youtu.be/HaJ1hvon0E0
The Stories We Tell About Money – https://youtu.be/ONvg9SbauMg
Fake News, Fake Money – https://youtu.be/i_wOEL6dprg
Embrace the Good, Reject the Fear – https://youtu.be/38U0BQQLzK0
Job opportunities with cryptocurrencies – https://youtu.be/89_p4pDlQtI

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in bitcoin.

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