Keywords/phrases: Steemit, Yours, and the future of social networks. I get suspicious when I hear the sales pitch that I “will make thousands and thousands of dollars very quickly and easily.” I don’t like that it revolves around making money fast instead of focusing on the quality of content or building a community organically. There is a set of parameters combining social media, micropayments, behavioural incentives and disincentives, that would make for a very interesting platform. Using money not as a system of remuneration but of quality discovery backed by game-theoretical models at scale; wisdom of the crowd + micropayments + behavioural science = fewer trolls. This is an emergent area. Social media platforms require a very high critical density of adoption before they’re effective, where you know enough people who have access to the underlying infrastructure and are willing to engage in it. Bootstrapping social media and digital currencies, where you have a very limited community, is going to be difficult for the next decade as it experiments, fails, and builds momentum.