What are your thoughts on wealth distribution / concentration in Bitcoin? Addresses are not people! The majority of addresses are used anonymously / pseudo-anonymously, so clustering is very difficult. Exchanges or payment processors may be holding the funds of hundreds of thousands of people in only a few addresses; at the same time, a single person could be controlling thousands of addresses with very small amounts, or a single address may be a multi-sig that is controlled by more than one person.

Cryptocurrencies in general do have poor Gini coefficients (i.e. unequal distribution) when compared to society as a whole, especially because we are still in the very early stages of adoption. However there is no sound evidence to support most of the internal wealth distribution statistics being published in the media. The implications of large numbers of bitcoin being held in very few addresses has greater implications for the storage security of custodians — and the risk of an expensive hack — than it does for wealth distribution.

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