On the benefits and challenges with upcoming privacy improvements to Bitcoin. What do you think about Snowden’s comments on privacy in Bitcoin and open public blockchains? What are unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs)? Can you re-anonymise UTXOs from KYC exchanges like Coinbase, by participating in a CoinJoin through wallets such as Wasabi or services such as JoinMarket? Can you use Schnorr signatures do UTXO consolidation? Will governments continue to let privacy coins exist? Will confidential transactions be censored? What will kickstart the evolution towards more privacy and anonymity? Could private transactions be indistinguishable from “normal” transactions? What is the launch schedule for privacy improvements (Schnorr signatures, Taproot, Graftroot)?

CORRECTION: At 6:50, I say that Gregory Maxwell invented CoinJoin. While Maxwell did ‘coin’ the term, the mechanism of CoinJoin was discussed early on by others: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=12751.msg315793#msg315793

These questions are from ‘The Internet of Money’ tour in Dublin, the HoshoCon event in Las Vegas, the September and October monthly Patreon Q&A sessions, which took place on May 23rd, October 11th, September 29th and October 27th 2018 respectively. If you want early-access to talks and a chance to participate in the monthly live Q&As with Andreas, become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/aantonop

Worse Than Useless: Financial Surveillance – https://youtu.be/n4F-h4xuXMk
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The price of losing privacy – https://youtu.be/2G8IgiLbT_4
The war on cash and crypto – https://youtu.be/BAlRKfvBnvw
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MimbleWimble and Dandelion – https://youtu.be/LjDJGTpK_lE
Schnorr signatures and the privacy roadmap – https://youtu.be/JeJzwZgxF50
What are Bulletproofs? – https://youtu.be/EDaM8A-tAck
Coin selection and privacy – https://youtu.be/3Ck683CQGAQ
Atomic swaps – https://youtu.be/fNFBA2UmUmg
Decentralised exchanges with fiat – https://youtu.be/3Url8tbQEkA
Decentralised exchanges and counterparty risk – https://youtu.be/hi_jaw0dT9M
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Secure, tiered storage system – https://youtu.be/uYIVuZgN95M
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HODLing and the “get free” scheme – https://youtu.be/MhOwmsW1YNI
How to get people to care about security – https://youtu.be/Ji1lS9NMz1E
Airdrop coins and privacy implications – https://youtu.be/JHRnqJJ0rhc
Bitcoin as everyday currency – https://youtu.be/xYvvSV4mjH0

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