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On this weeks show , along with all the latest Bitcoin (BTC) Litecoin (LTC) , Cardano (ADA) and Crypto news, we are catching up with Dan from Syscoin for a much anticipated catch up about how they have been getting on, the market generally , 3rd generations blockchains and a lot more!

Our first collaboration with Chris Coney with our Insights From The Cryptoverse , talking about whether Libra a gateway drug for cryptos towards mass adoption? and of course … our news roundup.

News Stories:

From The Guardian FCA proposes ban on cryptocurrency products


From NewsBTC After 30% Correction, Next Bitcoin Price Target is New All-Time High

After 30% Correction, Next Bitcoin Price Target is New All-Time High

From FXSTREET Bitcoin to $100,000 says Binance CSO



Litecoin Outperforms Top-10 Cryptos Ahead of August Reward Halving


From Coin Telegraph 39,000 More Merchants Can Accept Litecoin With Flexa Integration



From OBN TRON[TRX] beats Cardano[ADA]; Justin Sun announces party in Taipei




The Cryptoverse:


Dickhead song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6RFccBmqM4

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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.



  1. I'm here from the Syscoin Weekly Update #55 and I'm staying, excellent show, I can't believe I didn't find this sooner.
    Have you ever talked with the people behind GIN? I'd love to see an interview like that with them!

  2. Appreciate all the info you dig up and share with us all. You keep it light-hearted and understandable. WE need you both. But sorry ash Lisa is much prettier than you. Hey just saying!!!

  3. Splendid video, On the way higher, BTC may encounter resistance at $10,000 and $11,210 but there are strong indications strengthening the case for a rally to $6,000. An advice from me to all other bitcoin faithful is to take hold of this opportunity or regret it forever. Right now, it is not enough to buy BTC only or hodl but rather increase your portfolio so when the bull run becomes very swift, you would have accumulated more than enough to secure your financial future. I have been a faithful hodler but stumbling upon a strategy developed by Thiago Fernandez and trading with his signals helped me triple my holdings and right now, just at the start of the bull run, I am already feeling fulfilled financially. It is easy, just contact him (thiagofernandez457ATgmail)and let him know you need help in taking full advantage of the current bullish trend and he would help you to that ends by providing you with a strategy tailored for you and signals to help you hit your target. Fernandez is the best thing that has happened to my investment life and I want others to be exposed to this opportunity good luck.

  4. Right now there is only enough $ADA on earth for each man woman & child to have ~3.5. Cardano has a global vision so don't let the coin count concern you. There are 100 million satoshi in a single BTC. There are only 1 million lovelace in a single ADA. Just move the decimal!

  5. Hey…thx for the shoutout! 😉 apreciate. Really.
    Is that all you managed to put together on the facts i state about ada? That i am a dickhead? Lol
    When you cant challenge the message, you attack the messenger. Consequently that only confirms the message. Look up "ad hominem attack". Not like you have looked up cardano, i mean…really look it up.

    Did you hear that Suppoman just made a fully sponsored clip on….adaconnect?! Hahaha…

    Why didnt you report on this Ash (you said you would if i provide links, and i did), did "someone" forbid it?

    You would expect that after THREE YEARS of peer reviews and tons of paperwork, cardano should be pretty much at least 80% done thing, and the testnet would just be a formality to adjust the lipsticks and trim the nails… THE VERY LEAST one would expect is for the VERY BASIC things, like making a simple transaction, would surely be peer reviewed enough. Well…

    Cardano testnet first week:
    2 issues are with the development team and they are investigating; these issues are:
    – Trx ID identical when sending same ammount twice
    – Sending multiple transactions crash the node

    Jep, the very BASICS of a blockchain dont work….after 3 years of peer reviews?

  6. Appreciate the truthfulness when you're feeling s*1t & shows your authentic.

    Really like the show. You, Cryptoverse and TraderCobb are the ones I always listen to

  7. I appreciate your honesty. Keep up the good work. Even in your misery you produce quality material. I have some Syscoin. It was one of my first purchases. Thanks for the update.


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