JP Morgan says #Bitcoin to $1,260! Why that’s probably NOT likely and the ONE catalyst that has the potential to spark widespread adoption. Weiss rating’s praises $TRX, rough times for AMD, Italian Senate on blockchain, crypto news, and more!

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0:01 Balancing your portfolio:
0:18 Markets 〽️
3:42 Bitcoin to $1,260?!?
6:08 Tom Lee:
8:04 Crypto attracts the youth:
8:49 Mike Novogratz to raise $250 million:
10:48 The real reason we need Bitcoin:
11:32 Crypto’s biggest catalyst?
12:31 Nodle tweet:
15:55 Trust Wallet adds DASH:
16:03 Justin Sun:
16:20 Weiss ratings wrong about Tron (TRX)?
17:54 Ripple (XRP) news:
19:06 Brave Browser (BAT) news:
20:59 Bitstamp x Dukascopy:
22:10 Italian Senate on blockchain:
23:40 Bad times for AMD?
24:20 Another Bitcoin ETF?!?
25:11 Steve Wozniak sold at the top!
26:03 Drunk Bitcoin:

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  1. It's all opinion which is fine. My thesis is the same as that of the "note" to JP Morgan {Criminal Outfit}. The next bull run will occur when all faith is lost in existing assets/currencies particularly when inflation finally hits…..that could take a little while yet as QE10 & negative interest rates complete the maddening cycle of theft & desperation….until the dumb masses realise that the Emperor in fact " has no clothes". Apart from that, the biggest threat to Bitcoin is if there is a return to the gold standard or "hard money"…When the big reset comes then it will be gold that currencies will be pegged to imo. Central banks, Russia & China have been buying gold hand over fist…it will not be bitcoin that currencies will eventually be re-pegged to….not in my lifetime anyway. Bitcoin, imo, is attractive as a hedge aagainst the system…take out the risk and Bitcoin will cease to have a reason d'etre…The other cryptos ; Well, theyre all toast imo, long before the reset occurs.

  2. The time to want institutional investors has passed. It was when a BTC was worth pennies. Today it is worth thousands and institutions will only take your money going sideways and never letting BTC take off. They will short the 20ema till not end at all sorts of time stamps

  3. For the gun to fire the hammer needs to be cocked all the way. Eventually BTC will fire up at high velocity. If it's 2800 or 1260 dollar click bang take off.

  4. Why don’t you talk about Morpheus network anymore they just aired a commercial on fox business network during prime time on Thursday and will be airing it again on Sunday .. it’s up 100% over the month.. this project is a sleeping giant

  5. If one day bitcoin succeeds and someone sells a cup of coffee, he will have to say: " The price is 0,0000052 BTC". Isn't this highly impractical ? Seems to me like we will have to talk in Satoshis instead to make it simple and usable for everyone and very rarely will you hear the bitcoin. Isn't this kinda of weird ? The world wide currency: "Satoshi". I never hear anyone talk about this.

  6. I don't understand. Mining on your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone? I thought mining costs electricity??

    Aside from that, a great marketing idea. Most people already have a smartphone. And this is now the latest of the latest.

  7. I respect you a lot my friend. I've unsubscribed from 60% of channels since the crash due to them not being realistic about the market.

    But you are realistic, you share true stories and you have a passion for what you're doing even after the interest in crypto has taken a bit. I enjoy your videos to keep up to date with what's going on


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