Bitcoin’s Healthy Retracement? Not So Soon…

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  1. This may not be recieved well, but come back to this thought at some future date after it drops. Putting those two together shows how fake two commingled assets really are; it's pretty clear unless your snow blind with delusions of grandeur. One pulls in and the other takes out.

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  3. Thanks for another awesome vid! At 3:17 you talk about comparing bitcoin's market cap with tether's market cap you wrote btc/usd on the video and it looks like btc/usd being compared with the usdt market cap. Just wanted to know which symbols/tickers and time frames you used on trading view when making your comparison. Thank you!

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  5. We should ask, "Why does the "short interest" in Bitcoin continue to rise with the price increase? Have not yet felt enough pain from the bleeding?
    Hmm.. or maybe… Imagine the players on Wall Street waiting for the infrastructure and regulation to set in place for their full participation in the best-performing asset class of the century. Well, maybe if I were a large institutional player waiting on the sidelines, and I notice that retail investors are fronting a surge in interest & price for bitcoin, and if I could afford to sit on an underwater short position, then I might effectively be able to manipulate the price at a future time to scare newcomers away to maybe tip the scales, in order to delay or hold back prices until entry – or any number of possible desired outcomes. Especially if I had friends that think the same way

  6. You were probably adressing me at the end of the video since I made some comment about fiat daily in the other video. Well, I am very sorry, truelly. I had to find out what the word disheartening means and I felt so sorry for you. Please ignore my comment from yesterday. I may not like this character, it does not give me the right to be so negative about it. Your videos offer a lot of good insight and already gave me a lot of information. Concerning crypto, your channel is the only one I am following. Please, keep making good content and do accept my apologize.


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