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  1. The fear of this virus is being fed by the liberal media because this year is an election year.
    Not down playing the importance of staying safe during this time, just saying.

  2. if equities lose 50% why wouldn't BTC continue to follow it downwards in your opinion? Many think BTC has bottomed but think S&P will drop much more. Does that make sense?

  3. One ponzy scheme possibly made bitcoin go parabolic and also caused massive dumps….it just goes to show how many have thrown out their bitcoin ideals and just margin trade with fake exchanged backed bitcoin. If everyone just bought and invested. Retail would have bitcoin at 30k already. The true bitcoin believers in the space needs to dump the bybit and bitmex accounts and start buying spot bitcoin again

  4. This was a bank sell off. The banks got liquidated because they had to buy treasury bills to cover their repo loans or else they were going to lose their bailouts. This isn’t a mass population sell off. This was the banks getting liquidated from their bitcoin holdings.

  5. 100% for the live streams but I hope it's not gonna be all crypto, I just don't have the funds to get into that so I generally ignore it a bit

  6. My landlord would FREAK!!! If I had my dining room turned into a sandblaster. My living room into a welding shop, and my kitchen into a QA table so my boss can ship me piping, valves, flanges, and joints to be sandblasted, welded, painted, and then QA then shipped back to the warehouse. I literally just got this job a week ago. Sorry but you all had the chance back in 2018 and 2019 but instead you protested and bricked the Canadian economy. 90% of Canadians would be homeless if we had a quarantine up here. Our savings have been emptied in the last 3 years thank you very much and our debt is ever growing. I won't remember Covid19 for what it did but what AMERICAN groups like Tides foundation, Bill gates foundation, and Californians did to completely disable Canada's ability to handle a pandemic

  7. Have you ever considered that the $3,100 bottom of 2018 was only a short term bottom of the parabolic cycle to $20K? For example, look at the parabolic cycle that ended at approx $1000 BTC and the initial dip and recovery that we now know was a bull trap before that cycle bottomed at approx $175 BTC. That’s what $20K to $3.1K might be and the rally to $14K was a similar bull trap.

  8. Restricting Europeans and Chinese nationals from entering the US is “not doing anything”?I would strongly disagree. Producing proper testing units takes time. Should we just have companies make shoddy tests to roll them out faster? Also, a wick is singular. I notice you sometimes use the word wicks or wix or something when referring to one candle wick.

  9. as a european citizen, here are my advices as states didn't helped us :
    buy some food and supply and water. buy tones of anti virus gel, buy gaz masks or other masks but good ones (not the chirurgical ones), buy plastic disposable gloves. Buy vitamins, paracetamol and all that could help you fight.a flu in no time.
    And toilet paper.

    In italy queues are long, and things are disappearing from the shelves, same is starting in France.
    do,n't go into crowns, avoid going out if not necessary. Even if you don't give a s.. about you're gd pa or gd ma, it doesn' tjusrt affect old people but young ones too. A 14 year old girl just died.
    Hospitals won't have enough strenght to cure everyone which will increase the death rate.
    THe virus is 20 times more contagious than common flu.
    Out of 900 people taken randomely in the streets of paris, 20% were already infected.

    Take care of yourself and everyone else, this is no joke

  10. Theres a JRE podcast with Micheal OsterHolm and he explains that washing hands and using sanitizers doesn't really work, and that just breathing the air of somebody who has covid-19 is enough to infect.

  11. Can you get Raoul Pal on? He has amazing insight and I’d love to see you too talk about the broader market. Keep up the great work

  12. You've mentioned that low BTC prices make mining unprofitable as income from miners' BTC sales will not cover the ongoing operating costs of mining the coin. What are the downstream effects on price, network performance if an meaningful fraction of mining operations (either terminals or aggregate processing power) closes? What do you think is an "meaningful fraction?" Thank you. Great and informative channel, just subscribed. 🙂

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