Bitcoin’s Secret Weapon!


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  1. Bitcoin 10k : "Make sure you're all eating well, exercising, getting to bed on time, and tending to school, your jobs, and families. This is certainly an exciting moment in history. But let's be sure not to forget the other things in life that are important as well."

  2. What country , has the power to move trillions of dollars, to manufacture everything in the world, loves to kill any dissenting voices, wants global domination and has the ability to do so?

    Russia lost the Cold War because they ran out of money.

    What’s the point on spending trillions in defence on kinetic weapons when something like a virus could wipe out a whole population?

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  4. @Crypto Daily your content is so repetitive and unoriginal. Your channel is perfect for uninformed sheep who aren't smart enough to ever learn anything useful

  5. If a financial apocalypse does come around, causing presumably a temporary breakdown of society, I would care less about Bitcoin and more for food and safety. A breakdown in society will lead to widescale power outages and since Bitcoin needs the Internet to work you can kiss it goodbye until the dust settles. Sure, the rich can pump it to a zillion dollars but that would mean the world about you is toast. BTW where would they spend their greedily amassed fortune anyways?

  6. 10 years will fly by while they continue to print money and most people will be wondering how they got away with printing so much money while keeping the CPI relatively low.
    The answer will be crypto.
    The crypto market will become a massive market well over 10 trillion dollars. Currently it's only 280 billion.

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