Blockchain Technology Course will cover:
– Technology overview
– Blockchain evolution
– Decentralized web
– Distributed organizations
– Distributed ledger
– Smart contracts
– Distributed applications
– Internet of value
– Token economies


The original videos were published with the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed).


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  1. Great video, except for the numerous economic theory errors at the very end (beginning at 1:44:20). The economic analysis presented here is oddly based on Marx's socially necessary labor theory of value, which has been thoroughly debunked for over 100 years. In obvious contradiction to the only example that was presented, "the modern capitalist economy" (whatever that even means) can just as easily reward money for FB likes or environmental values (or any traditional externality or misaligned incentives) and block chain currencies are not inherently better suited to do that than any other currency (the blockchain tokens, themselves that is. Obviously other blockchain technologies can help any currency improve this).

    Currencies do not create value (OK, technically a currency serves a purpose, which does create some amount of subjective value–but that's it). The main underlying flaw of Marxist economic theory is the failure to recognize the fact that monetary value is not determined solely by utility or labor, but is marginal and subjective. Value is not objective, and certainly could not be objectively calculated. Value is created by humans, it does objectively exist within currency or labor or anywhere else for that matter. Thus, no restriction or promotion of value can be imbedded in a currency without biased human intervention.

    Such restriction could be imbedded in a decentralized, concensus gathering manner, but would almost certainly be undesirable because it, once established, would be fixed (an potentially not represent consensus in the future), or be subject to changing consensus (and therefore unstable and subject to unnecessary flawed valuations based on predictive speculation of future consensus)

  2. Is anyone else distracted by the way the narrator pronounces the word, "distributed". He puts the accent on the first syllable (DIS-tri-buted) and not the second syllable (dis-TRI-buted). And con-TRI-buted, he pronounces "CON-tri-buted".

  3. I'm one hour into this thing and I can see where this thing is ultimately going – total control of every person, place and thing on God's green earth. This thing is evil. Actually, it is only a tool used by evil men to catalog and control every aspect of our lives. I predict a huge False Flag (on the scale of Pearl Harbor, Tet Offensive, Sinking of the Lusitania and/or 9/11) to force the world into the grip of this evil web.

  4. -Fake Truth

    Images of desperation fall from the sky in every language and art in a torrent of blinding snow. On the ground the wolves herd the sheep toward the kill zone.

    I look to the sky and see sleeping giants and wonder, “How can they hear anything in this eternal confusion? I dare not believe their reports, their sleepy visions of utopia, their threats of apocalypse yet to come.

    It's not that I believe what they say is always false; It's because of what they say is always real that I have cancelled my subscriptions.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but from learning about blockchain I think it’s safe to conclude that Trump’s fear of Huawei’s 5G and its potential to compromise information security is unfounded

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  7. Can you provide this complete course in hindi or wanna in urdu language please beacuse most of people whom belong from south asia they dose't completely understand english I'm also one of them please help us and review this lectuer in urdu/hindi we are looking towards .

  8. This video is awesome. It strikes a fantastic balance between explaining how blockchain technology works and what the applications are. Everything is understandable without deep technical knowledge. The video takes several steps back to explain how the technology will change the internet, the way the economy works, and therefore the way we operate as a society. I can wholeheartedly recommend watching the full 2 hours to everyone, you will not get bored – in fact, you will probably need to take breaks because the content is so dense.


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