Wanna Make the World More Transparent? Brian Cai, of FORTUNA, does. Find out how, as he chats with BlockchainBrad (BCB). This is arguably the First Blockchain Platform for Global OTC Derivatives Market! Some complex stuff here, but no less relevant as we make the step, or perhaps the deep dive, into decentralised business models for global derivative markets.

Fortuna Features:

Innovative Consensus of DPOSA
Support PrC and PuC trading mode
FVLM:FOTA Value Locking Mechanism
Structured Smart Contact with Main Contract, CoT and Contract layers
Decentralized Quote Scheme with SVD and QC equity management

Who is Brian Cai?
Brian gained his Master’s degree from Yale University, majored in Computer Science. He has worked at New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Hangzhou and has been occupied in investment banking, trust, supply finance, cash management, private banking,etc. He has been the vice director of corporate finance department and the director of private banking department of Zhejiang Provincial Branch of Bank of Communications which is a national bank in China. He was awarded the Meritorious Prize atCOMAP Mathematical Contests in Modeling and the First Prize of National Financial Solution Competition in China. With all kinds of financial experience and professional computer science knowledge, Brian takes charge of the strategy design and implementation of FORTUNA.

Much thanks Brian for your time!

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