Morpheus Labs Execs, Chuang Pei-Han, Branson Lee, Dorel Burcea & Bruce Lu Yang, chat with BlockchainBrad about their Full Stack Blockchain PaaS for Enterprise Powerful Inclusive Full Stack Blockchain-Platform-As-a-Service for Enterprises. @Morpheus_Labs_ But Enterprises? Yes, blockchain business is an imperative for any project to work and enterprises are waiting for the right kind of blockchain or DLT to use.

0:00 Opening by Brad
1:20 Introduction to Pei-han (CEO)
2:25 Introduction to Branson (COO)
4:00 Introduction to Dorel (CIO)
5:08 Introduction to Bruce (CTO)
6:50 Problem Statement & Solution provided by Morpheus Labs
9:48 Why Morpheous Labs BPaaS
12:30 Brad asked: “What roles does the DLT plays in BPaaS?”
13:45 Brad asked about Go-to-market strategy for ML
15:05 Brad asked “What is Morpheus Labs?”
17:35 Brad asked “Why Labs?”
19:30 Brad asked “Why should enterprise use you?”
23:18 About cross-industry for BPaaS
24:58 About development milestones & product roadmap
27:00 About Subscription models
30:00 Brad asked “What does blockchain agnostic means?”
31:55 Morpheus Labs is focused on 4 different blockchains: ETH, HYP, NEM & Multichain
36:10 Market size & Projection
39:02 About R3
44:29 About Partners & companies
47:12 Interest from banks?
51:25 Brad asked “Why do you have so many advisors”
52:35 Who & how are you doing the selling?
54:00 How many signed of agreements?
55:09: Qn about MITx Tokenomics & Token Generation Event
1:07:33 Qn about Competitors in Enterprise Blockchain arena
1:10:30 Brad asked each of the team member to give one comment each:
1:10:28 Bruce said ‘… that’s the reason why am quiting my job to join this company’,
1:11:00 Branson said ‘… we are very excited about what we are doing…’
1:11:35 Dorel said ‘… I can finally give my best knowledge… exciting.’
1:12:42 Pei-han (said ‘… I love my team, … we love each other…”)
1:14:05 Overall summary & conclusion by Brad

Chuang Pei-Han
Singapore/Taiwan/Myanmar B. Info system (University of Melbourne, Australia); Finance Tech (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Serial entrepreneur, raised multi-million funding & grew one of his startups to a million dollar generating business. His BPaaS was picked by SGInnovate (gov) as the pioneer batch of incubatees.

Branson Lee
Singapore/Malaysia/Korea B.Comp Eng (Nanyang Technology University, Singapore); Finance Tech (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Ex-Co member of Singapore Fintech Association heading the Talent Committee, an active speaker for Blockchain events & consultant for corps & gov, he worked with C-Suite Exe on various strategic partnerships.

Dorel D. Burcea
Singapore/Italy B. Physics (University Of Bucharest). MBA(University of Liverpool). Member of Institute of International Finance. Over 16 years in Financial Services Application Development & IT Management, seasoned in multi-million digital transformation projects. Group CIO at UniCredit Bank; Tech Advisor in blockchain, IoT & FinTech startups.

Bruce Lu Yang
B.Applied Mathematics (Tianjin University), EMBA (Rutgers Business School), Finance Tech (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Over 20 years in software development and tech innovation. Implemented a blockchain business application in production using HyperLedger Fabric V1.0, the first in the world.


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