BlockchainBrad has a #cryptoconvo with #BTC maximalist and $BTC evangelist Didi Taihuttu, the famous Bitcoin Guy who went ALL IN! He is the read deal. A Dad, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Crypto Advisor, #BTC Evangelist, Writer, Life hacker. In this informal #cryptochat, we talk about Didi’s story and his views on #crypto, #blockchain and life more generally.

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Didi’s views:
The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage.

Family & Life
the fear of changing life kills a lot of dreams
Blockchain and Bitcoin will change the world in a way most people can’t imagine.
Interviewee’s bio statements (excerpt from his website)

So my name is Didi Taihuttu and I am honored you are visiting my page. Who am I ?

I am born in 78 and grew up in the system like everybody else. After finishing school I quickly realized I wasn’t born to be an employee and became an entrepreneur. I built up three successful companies and while doing I lost my mother when she was 48 and lost my father when he was 61. During these hard times in my life, I started reflecting life more and more and discovered that the life I was living was not the life I wanted to live. I needed to change and I did. Everybody can change if you get a little help.

I started with mining Bitcoin in 2013 and even though I lost faith during the first crash in 2014 bitcoin kept crossing my path. When I sold my companies and started traveling the world with my family our plan was formed of selling everything we had and investing it in Bitcoin. As you all know we did and people know me now as, dad of The Bitcoin Family, Bitcoin Didi, the man who sold his house and everything else for BTC. When we went All-in we started to live a decentralized nomad life as a family combining travels and educating people about crypto and grabbing life by the balls.

At the moment my book about our BTC adventure and how we were able to change life because of blockchain and Bitcoin is being translated into English and German. The book will soon live and if you wanna be one of the first to buy it then sign up for our newsletter.

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