CEO Zhongxing Ming chats with BlockchainBrad about a NEW Blockchain-based Advanced TCP/IP Architecture that aims to provide constant connectivity for dynamic networks. Blockcloud is Blockchain-based Service-centric Network Stack.

Claimed advantages:

1) World-class Technical Capability

All members are from top universities and enterprises, and strong scientific research support from Tsinghua University and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University;

8 features tailored for future Internet: mobility, tamper-proof, anti-theft, evolution, low cost, real-time, fairness, high TPS;

1st blockchain with unique fast and efficient consensus mechanism and fast light-load transmission mechanism, supporting the mobile IoT scenarios of high-frequency and high-speed.

2) Years of Accumulation in IoT Industry

10 Years Experience in industry, 8 million+ devices connected in areas of Internet of Vehicles, Smart Healthcare, Smart Home, etc.