Origo core member Baron Gong talks with BlockchainBrad about a Scalable Privacy Preserving Platform for Dapps. Could Origo be the cure? Origo claims to be the world’s first decentralized application platform that protects your privacy.

Origo’s Features:

Privacy Preserving Smart Contract

Origo Protocol: complete privacy preserving solution that supports normal hardware for smart contract input and output, backed by cryptography primitives like zero knowledge proof.

Confidential/Public Transaction

Flexible design for users to choose either public or confidential transaction feature on demand, suitable for various use cases with different privacy needs.

Scalability for Privacy

Tailored scalability design for privacy including horizontal scalability, improved consensus and highly portable virtual machine.

I invested in Origo, meaning I bought Origo Tokens in the pre sale & thus I support its long term utility. This is not a sponsored video in anyway. I don’t take payment for videos and never will. This was my own personal investment.