Hey Crypto Mates: TopicL G3 Conference: Major Power alliance between NEO, BITMAIN & ELASTOS. Major announcement coming Today! This partnership is very big. Why? Listen to a 7 year old, BlockchainBrad’s daughter. or See below:

Leaders of NEO, Elastos and Bitmain, i.e. HongfeiDa, RongChen, FengHan and JihanWu, recently held a round table discussion at the iCenter in Tsinghua University. This meeting focused on how to apply the trust resources of blockchains to the scenes of decentralized applications on the Internet. The purpose was to revolutionize how blockchain technology reaches consumers the world over.

Among all the working public blockchains, The Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain is the most provably secure blockchain. Bitmain contributes an enormous hashrate to the Bitcoin blockchain through its own mining machine technology and mining pool operation. As a result, Bitmain has the ability to provide fundamental trust resources for decentralised applications in the future.

With the innovative advent of the Smart Contract, NEO has successfully built a Smart Contract Virtual Machine that supports different kinds of programming languages by the Common Language Runtime, CLR technology. This not only makes the coding of Smart Contracts more simple, convenient and efficient, but also provides a solid technical footing for programming interfaces of all related DApps.

The founding team of Elastos have been developing an industrial IoT operating system and C/C++ native VM technology since 2012. On the basis of “separating computation and networking”, the native code running sandbox has been, for the most part, accomplished. Improving its P2P Industrial IoT decentralised version, the Elastos team have developed, tested and run the public chain successfully. This demonstrates Elastos’ ability to provide a safe, full stack, as well as a trustable operating environment. This includes blockchain, P2P network, native code sandbox and multi-language SDK, for all decentralized applications.

In terms of trust, Bitmain will provide the trust base for partners. Elastos and Bitmain will mine together to provide trust resources and make it pass to side chains and applications. As such, Bitmain will build the Elastos SmartWeb platform on the proven Bitcoin Blockchain, thus utilizing the enormous hashrate capacity of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Elastos will first adopt the CLR VM of NEO as the basic technology of the Smart Contract on its SmartWeb platform. Elastos will share it to all the developers around the world to make the trust resource computable.

Elastos will provide a trustable application environment for users through the trustable records and computations on the blockchain via its Elastos Runtime (DApp VM). This makes it possible for all DApps to work on millions of Internet devices.

The three parties guarantee: G3 League will follow the fundamental principles of open source and decentralisation. The G3 parties will regard these as the core values of the G3 League.

Elastos, Bitmain & NEO. Three parties devoted to: 1) the promotion and development of this decentralized technology, 2) pushing forward with the applications of this new decentralized industry and 3) the development of the decentralized internet smart economy. The G3 Alliance: Working together to make all trusts transferable and provable.

Three parties, Elastos, Neo and Bitmain, agree that the G3 Decentralized Application League is an a open and cooperative organization. As such, they welcome all other organizations who devote their time and efforts to a decentralized internet; they openly invite applications.



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