BlockchainBrad EXCLUSIVE update with Bluzelle CEO to explore the Database for Serverless and Decentralized Applications. Bluzelle is the distributed open-source database for Web 3.0. They state they are taking applications to a new level. Bluzelle – a highly distributed key-value store edge caching service that provides both high-performance and high availability. The Bluzelle server is written purely in C++ and runs natively on Linux, Mac-OS-X, and other platforms, but can also run in Docker containers. Bluzelle can provide localized edge-computing performance that is vastly faster than a typical cloud-based REDIS+DB deployment.
Pavel Bains, CEO.
Serverless Apps:
Serverless applications benefit from instant scaling, faster programming and simple deployment. Modern databases aren’t built for that. Bluzelle is a serverless database for serverless apps.
Blockchains are a bad place to store large amounts of data. Off-chain data for blockchains and their blockchain applications are best managed on a decentralized database.
Gaming & Media:
Users of games and streaming media are now global and latency issues can cause drop-off. Bluzelle gives multi-region support out the box ensuring high performance.
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