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Before I begin I want to point out that these cards aren’t exactly made to maintain privacy. Because these cards are dealing with financial institutions they must require certain forms of identification before allowing issuance of a card. A few cards offer a non-verified option but this severely reduces the loading and withdrawing limits of the card to around $2,500 for the entire lifetime of the card, that is not a monthly limit.
Also I highly suggest only loading these cards with the amount that you are willing to lose, I say this because you are ultimately giving your bitcoin to a third party for them to handle.

Many of these cards have a 3% international transaction fee along with an ATM withdrawal fee that varies from card to card and many have a maintanence fee, either monthly or annually.

Is one of the first bitcoin debit cards and this one is available in most countries and will cost you $20 to obtain with a $12 annual fee. This card gives you the option to go unverified but again, this means the card’s lifetime is limited to $2,500

Is only available for US residents with a physical address, a P.O. box address will not suffice for this one. BitPay costs about $10 and can be used internationally with a 3% fee for currency conversions. BitPay does not give you the unverified option.

Shift Card:
Is perhaps the easiest card to use in regards of loading it with your bitcoin. This card is a part of coinbase and lets you withdraw from your account there instead of having to send your bitcoin to a different location in order to load onto your card like the other options. Shift card is available for those residing in a majority of the U.S. states. The Shift Card does not charge a maintenance fee.
If you want to know what a bitcoin debit card scam looks like check out ExKash:

Scam Alert : ExKash Offers Anonymous Reloadable Bitcoin Debit Cards
Legitimate bitcoin debit cards must play by the rules of the major financial institutions, this means you pretty much have to submit forms of identification to get unlimited usage of the card. If a card promises zero verification and also unlimited loading and withdrawals, they are highly unlikely to be associated with any kind of legitimate backing.Not to mention the fact that the website is full of grammatical errors and the reviews seem to be fake as well.