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The New Kids On The Blockchain are back with the latest crypto news focusing on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cardano and EOS.

It’s been another busy week in the world of crypto. Bit of a savage downturn in the market today at time of press , (Friday) with nearly 20B disappearing off the market in a puff of smoke. OUCH. However the market has rallied today (Saturday ) So looking good!

Anyway what’s on the show today? Apart from our usual smorgasbord of news from the week on the projects we follow closely (BTC, EOS, LTC and Cardano) we also have a great long-form interview in Blockchain banter about trading Bitcoin and where Bitcoin goes form here, with the incredibly informed Craig Cobb of trader Cobb fame.

We also have the second part of our Crypto Education form Crypto 4 Beginners this week on ‘Creating An Exchange Account.’

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We also have a very amusing video we found this week about the battle between Cardano and EOS in our new Crypto Humour Segment but before all of that heres a weekly NEWS ROUNDUP.





Coinbase Makes Surprise EOS Listing


Crypto Analyst: Litecoin is a “No Brainer”


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