Can Bitcoin Maintain $5000 Support?

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  1. Have you tried that crypto platform? You can withdraw USDT to paypal and it has the lowest fees in crypto-euro exchanges. Open BIT. IHACK. CO (without spaces)

  2. It's pretty simple, you decentralize a video platform and build in an algorithm in which videos can be blocked with a certain amount of flagging.. And then if enough people want to watch it then with enough up-votes it can be brought back online..

    NOBODY has the right to tell people what to do or what to watch.. The whole idea of appealing to the "mainstream" is flawed.. Why do we have a "mainstream" anyways? Everyone is equal and all people deserve a voice..

  3. Maybe some of you missed the point that Nchain holdings has 2.5% off all blockchain patents,
    which no other crypto platform has even thought about.

    Is owned by Bitcoin SV!!!!!


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