BlockchainBrad speaks with the CEO & CTO of CasperLabs. Both execs explain that CasperLabs is the Next Gen. Blockchain for the Builders. By taking a pragmatic & focused approach, the CasperLabs team seek to build unstoppable businesses on the truly scalable, simple to use, and always secure blockchain and smart contracting platform. CasperLabs is a decentralized blockchain and smart contracting platform that scales for real-world usage and simplifies experiences for developers and end-users.

Why CasperLabs?
CasperLabs provides scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain services — powered by CBC Casper proof-of-stake. CasperLabs is simple and familiar, removing the barriers to mainstream adoption for developers, validators, and end-users. CasperLabs is upgradeable infrastructure, designed with the foresight to support what you’ve built no matter how technologies and industries evolve.

Mrinal Manohar: Chief Executive Officer
Technology and finance leader previously with Microsoft, Bain, and Bain Capital. Ran the TMT sector of a $1B+ hedge fund. Early investor in Ethereum, Blockstack, etc.

Medha Parlikar: Chief Technology Officer
Product and engineering leader with decades of experience delivering production software at marquee companies such as Adobe, Omniture, Avalara, and DivX.
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01:05 About Medha Parlikar’s background
02:31 About Mrinal Manohar’s background
05:12 About CasperLabs claims
09:51 About the POW model
15:50 About Ethereum making the transition from POS to POW
18:27 About Testnet & Mainnet plans in 2020
19:16 Do you feel confident that Ethereum is viable long term?
22:34 About CasperLabs’s team
27:45 About the CasperLabs’s key points of value (value prop)
30:06 About the roadmap
31:23 About securing the financial backers and the credentials of the backers
34:53 About rolling out CasperLabs’s token (the fuel for the blockchain system)
37:34 About CasperLabs’s protocol
40:04 How do you gain developers? We talk adoption.
44:35 About Medha leading CLabs education. On aspects of value for CasperLabs
49:54 About the plans for the token (note: more has been released since this interview)
52:59 About the date of the token release
58:01 About community: the imperative a a strong, supportive community.
01:00:52 About challenges.
01:02:49 About regulations
01:08:28 Medha & Mrinal’s final statements
01:09:23 Mrinal’s final statements
This was 100% free and I received no financial compensation for doing this video; not in fiat, tokens or any form on payment. The editor I have started working with has received approximately 1 ETH from CasperLabs for doing some of the editing of this interview. (I still edit some aspects, but I do so for free).

I have not invested in CasperLabs. I may invest when I can afford to. (Not Financial Advice)
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