BlockchainBrad speaks EXCLUSIVELY with Celer Network Co-Founder Mo Dong. Celer is a leading layer-2 scaling platform that enables fast, easy and secure off-chain transactions for not only payment transactions, but also generalized off-chain smart contract. It enables everyone to quickly build, operate, and use highly scalable decentralized applications through innovations in off-chain scaling techniques and incentive-aligned cryptoeconomics.
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0:06 Intro
0:50 Overview
5:15 Blockchain infrastructure
9:45 Why off chain?
11:00 CelerX
16:40 TPS
20:05 Competition
24:01 Utility
34:00 Timeline
35:40 Applications coming
36:30 IEO on Binance
40:30 Money/Value
42:40 Binance Labs
44:30 Partnerships
48:10 Community
52:35 Token metrics
56:40 Runway
01:01:20 Wrapup
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Fast and Interactive: 20,000X reduction on transaction latency
Low Cost: Zero transaction fee for off-chain smart contracts
Novel Cryptoeconomics: Solve liquidity, availability and connectivity challenges

Cryptoeconomic model that provides network effect, stable liquidity, and high availability for the ecosystem. Includes proof of liquidity commitment, liquidity backing auction, and state guardian network.

Layered architecture with clear abstractions and interfaces. Reduces complexities in the system design, development and maintenance. Enables rapid evolution of each individual component.

Q2 2019 RoadMap
cChannel: gradual Ethereum mainnet roll out and continued blockchain expansion and integration
cRoute: test and initial deploy
cOS: SDK public v3.0 release
cEconomy: PoLC main net launch
Community: off-chain service providers start to onboard

Example Projects building on top of Celer Network
Off-chain Prediction Market
Micro Services with SLA Guarantee
Better IDE UX for Developing on Celer Network
Financial Derivative Trading Market with Instant Order Matching
Interactive Game on Celer
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  1. Hey Guys, this is a 100% free interview update (no token or money deal in any way). This is for anyone wanting to know what Celer has been up to lately. I really hope this helps, your likes, subs and comments are are really appreciated. Thanks, Brad.


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