BlockchainBrad catches up with Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky to talk about Benevolent Blockchain Banking. Celsius Network $CEL gives 80% back! It was an honour to have the inventor of VOIP and architect of MOIP once more to chat about $CEL, Centralised competitors, CelPay and Earning & Borrowing services. @CelsiusNetwork is changing the banking game for the people! Celsius Network is a new way to deposit, borrow and earn interest with crypto. They make crypto collateral in completely asset-backed loans and they reward hodlers for staking the CEL tokens. Basically, Celsius is working hard to be the Good ‘Robin Hood’ of banking. Bring on the Blockchain to banking!
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Celsius pays up to 7% APR* interest while you HODL. BTC on BTC, ETH on ETH, start earning now.

Why not borrow dollars while they still exist? Get dollar loans at 5% APR* while your crypto chills in your wallet.

Send assets instantly to pay friends back – and bring more people to blockchain while you’re at it!

How it works:
The CEL token runs on the Ethereum blockchain. As borrowers pay interest on their loans, Celsius uses Proof-of-Stake to redistribute the interest and other income to its community. Celsius makes sure most of the profits go to those who staked their coins to make the CEL cycle happen. CEL demand increases and drives value for the community of Celsius token HODLers.

INVESTMENT DISCLAIMER: I have not yet invested in CEL

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