Today, BlockchainBrad speaks candidly with Sergei Sergienko, CEO, of Originally known as Chrono.Bank, this startup was founded in 2016 with the vision of transforming the way individuals access jobs and businesses connect with contractors. vision is for a world in which anyone can find work and businesses can find the people they need, circumventing the middlemen, costs and inefficiencies of the conventional recruitment sector that so often proves a barrier to employment. The company’s wide-ranging ecosystem is designed to transform the way individuals access jobs and businesses connect with contractors, regardless of where workers and employers are located.
Twitter: @ChronotechNews & @svsergienko (CEO)
01:19 What does stand for?
02:26 About’s team
03:56 The evolution of ChronoTech
05:41 About business registration
07:41 About’s mission
08:29 About the impact of coronavirus
11:13 How is blockchain beneficial in the context of trying to connect people with jobs?
12:48 About’s developments in the area of stable coin
17:45 About the benefits of stablecoins
21:15 About funds & runway
23:00 About the core functions of the token
25:17 About the prospective utility of the token
33:00 About the wash trading and greed
35:48 About the legitimacy of the crypto space
38:26 About peer-to-peer money
40:00 About’s products
43:00 About key features
45:24 About the PaymentX and TimeX
48:07 About the stablecoin connection
50:20 About the chrono-wallet
52:04 About marketing strategies
55:10 About personal and companies savings
56:30 About partners and long term partnerships
57:47 About the roadmap
01:01:09 About the future of the token
01:02:36 About’s community
01:04:20 Final statement
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